About Rome

Hidden corners of Rome

The celebrity of Rome is often linked to its most famous monuments: the Colosseum, Trevi’s Fountain, Spanish Steps, the Pantheon and many others, but there are plenty of places hidden witnesses of the different historical and artistic periods of the city.

They are placed far away from mass tourism, but that conserve charm and unique details that not only beauty in its traditional old town, but in every corner, suggest some places you must see in Rome.

Coppedè District
It 's a very small area of the capital famous for its palaces and villas built in Liberty style appointed with hardworking animal names. The most characteristic part of the neighborhood is a huge wrought iron chandelier in the middle of a bridge connecting two buildings.

The St. John Mosaics
Starting from San Giovanni Square leads you can begin a journey in search of one of these beautiful mosaics depicting Christ among the apostles, the other is inside the Basilica of St. John Lateran. Continuing Opium Cups and crossing Via Labicana we pass a series of churches that preserve beautiful mosaics like the one in
S. Martino ai Monti.

Turtle Fountain
It lies hidden in the heart of Rome in Piazza Mattei and was built at the end of 1500. The most characteristic features of the turtles, true protagonists of the fountain by Bernini added after the first restoration of the fountain.

Hoot owls
Inside of Villa Torlonia and was, in 1938, the residence of Prince Torlonia, has the appearance of a small medieval village characterized by a thousand medieval decorative details and beautiful stained glass windows. The name is linked to the owl, the animal that recurs in all its decorative elements, also inside the villa.