About Rome

In Rome, the smallest island in the world

Known by many as the smallest island in the world, the Tiber Island is in the middle of the Tiber, the river flowing through the city of Rome. Between Ponte Cestio and Ponte Fabricio we can see this little piece of land shaped like a ship, on which stands a famous and ancient hospital Fatebenefratelli.

The Temple
It is said that in 291 BC, Rome was hit by a plague, and to save the city ambassadors made a trip to Epidaurus to ask a favor. Returning to Rome the ambassadors brought a snake on their ship that he decided to jump into the water at the height of the Tiber Island, and after this episode of a temple dedicated to Aesculapius.

The Church
When the temple was destroyed on the Tiber Island was built the church of St. Bartholomew in his chapel inside you can find the image of Our Lady of the Lamp and also stands a beautiful Romanesque bell tower of the twelfth century.

The Hospital
The island has always been considered the benchmark for the sick, especially during the Middle Ages, so in 1584 a hospital was built, the Fatebenefratelli, which was modernized around 1930. On the right side you can find the hospital San Giovanni Calibita.