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Liberation Day: celebrations for Rome

Among the events of April in Rome's the Liberation Day is celebrated around one of the monuments symbol of this event: the Victorian also called Altare della Patria.

The reason of the celebrations
Rome, April 25 celebrates, as every year, together with the whole nation this day also called Liberation Day to remember the time when Italy, thanks to the partisan forces broke free from Fascist regime during the Second World War. From many cities such as Bologna, Genoa and Venice were freed 25 to 28 April 1945.

When it was established the ceremony
This national holiday was officially established on April 22, 1946 when Prince Umberto II issued a legislative decree to establish it; the day began to be celebrated in Italy until 1949 when many organized town festivals and events to commemorate this important day.

The official ceremony
At Piazza Venezia which is held every year the official ceremony in Rome, when the President of the Italian Republic will travel on the altar of the Fatherland to pay homage to the tomb of the Unknown Soldier with flowers, a moment to remember all the soldiers who, in the course World War II lost their lives to liberate Italy from Nazi Republic.

Other events scheduled in Rome
On 25 April, as well as being a moment to remember is an opportunity to learn more about Rome, participating in all events designed to enjoy a few days of celebration. In this period Rome has great exhibitions in its most important museums such as Palazzo delle Esposizioni, the Ara Pacis or the Cloister of Bramante, but it will be the ideal time to visit the Municipal Rose Garden will open to show its specimens of roses and opportunity to taste the best Italian Street Food at the Egeria Village.