About Rome

Ottobrate Romane: a tradition in Rome

In the early twentieth century during the month of October the nobility, but also the people they chose Sunday, and in some cases on Thursday, for their trips, was a party to celebrate the end of harvest.

The destinations chosen for these days of celebration were Monte Testaccio, Monteverde, Porta Pia and Monte Mario where he can find fields planted with orchards and vineyards, for the occasion, became the theater of those carefree days in the open where people and nobles ended up fun together.


Early in the morning, from all quarters of Rome they departed carts decorated with flowers and bells each one driven seven beautiful girls dressed in the clothes of the festival, the most beautiful of the girls was sitting near the driver while family and friends followed the carriage on foot .

During the day prepare special dishes and typical Roman as tripe, lamb and gnocchi guitars and tambourines and castanets played popular songs while Roman danced a traditional dance called ratchet.


To avoid losing this ancient tradition that seems to come of the ancient Romans, the Auditorium Parco della Musica, from November 1 offers a chance to re-live concerts, cultural events which tell the days of celebration of the Roman nobles and the people who ended up celebrating together.