About Rome

The favorite places ghosts of Rome

Rome is a beautiful city, but at night turns and winds of deep mystery to many legends that make it full of mysterious characters who come out of old stories that we find in the most evocative of this wonderful city.

Sant'Angelo Castel
In the night between September 10 and I11 Ghost of Beatrice Cenci walking on the bridge leading to Castel Sant'Angelo with a head in his hand. The sixteen belonging to a Roman family killed her father abuses her fine child, she decided to kill him to save himself.


Ponte Sisto
Every night, suddenly the ghost of Donna Olimpia appears suddenly on the bridge running to Trastevere on board a black cab. The woman alleged mistress of Pope Innocent, after escaping with a chest of gold coins died of the plague.

Piazza Navona
It seems that one of the windows of the Palazzo de Cupis on the background of Navona's Square, when windows are lit you can see the shadow of De Cupis Costanza Conti, a nobleman who was the victim of a spell that caused the loss of a hand.

Porta del Popolo
In the Middle Ages this area was the cemetery of prostitutes, atheists and death row prisoners who had refused to repent before the death sentence and it is here that seems to wander the ghost of Nero, the fiercest of the emperors of Rome.