About Rome

The most beautiful villas in Rome

In his immense beauty Rome hides many villas surrounded by lush green gardens that tell the lives of wealthy families. Four of these are just a few buildings surrounded by magnificent gardens that are part of the Italian artistic heritage.

Villa Torlonia
Is one of the newer buildings belonging to the noble family Torlonia. Surrounded by a beautiful and original English-style garden, the villa offers the curious hoot owls belonging to Prince Giovanni Torlonia Jr.

Casina Valadier
It is located on one of the most beautiful hills of Rome: the Pincio. Named after the architect who built it; is a neoclassical villa and inside the rooms are painted in Pompeian style.

Villa Barberini
It dominates the Janiculum, a fountain and two steps lead to the entrance. The interior of the Villa is beautiful with its coffered ceilings and wooden decorations nineteenth century.

Villa Medici
A villa of the late sixteenth century belonging to Cardinal Ferdinando de 'Medici, who built the villa in the style of a museum garden and entering important family decorations.