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Top 5 artisanal gelateria in Rome

Ice cream or gelato is one of the most anticipated events of the Roman summer. Everyone loves to stroll through the streets of the Eternal City while enjoying ice cream and a few years ago the ice cream has become the protagonist of each city with its many flavors created with good quality ingredients and mix in a different way to give the new tastes, special and creative. We chose a top 5 artisanal gelateria in Rome.

Gelateria del Teatro

The flavour ice cream recommended is the black Chocolate d'Avola that stands out among all his eccentric tastes. The place has a liberty style and you can see his lab that creates these great works of art. The special feature of this ice cream is a range of special flavors such as pumpkin, the amaretto and taste the spices that you will find in the corner of Via dei Coronari.


Is one of the artisanal gelateria of the Rione Monti, a historic area of Rome. The ingredients are simple, but carefully chosen to give only true flavors with no preservatives and dyes. Cheesecake with blueberries, pure Madagascar chocolate, Sorrento walnuts and raisins of Corinth, pistachio, sherbet with berries are some of the flavors available that will win you over with their creaminess.


The Ciampini Gelateria is just a few steps away from the course where the artisan production of continuous ice cream since 1989. We recommend the traditional flavors that are made with milk, eggs and cream genuine and to note the packaging made with eco-friendly material.

Gelateria dei Gracchi

Within walking distance of Castel Sant'Angelo and the Vatican you can find this old ice cream parlor called the temple of the pistachio, the most delicious taste. Many ingredients chosen to create also new tastes and creative that create unique mixes that make the ice cream a delicacy by the ever new taste.

Gelateria Gori

The ideal place for those who love dark chocolate, this ice cream shop is located at Piazza Sempione and offers almond and pistachio really creamy and you can also taste very specific tastes like ginger and chilli. The Gelateria Gori offers delicious ice cream cones that make it exceptionally delicious.

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