About the Vatican

4 most preciuos places to see in Vatican

Usually the Vatican know his most famous architectural and artistic works such as the impressive Basilica of St. Peter, the immense Vatican Museums and enchanting gardens, but this small state within the city of Rome has beautiful hidden details of the artistic treasures that have come to us for many centuries.

Bramante Staircase
The famous Bramante spiral staircase, in its modern version characterized by the steps very degree to which they could go not only people, but also carriages transporting goods. Today is one of the most beautiful part of the Vatican Museums that hides a very special story that few know.

Niccolina Chapel
It is located inside the Apostolic Palace, dating back to 1450 and was the private chapel of Nicholas V. Here you can find frescoes by Beato Angelico representing the Holy History Stefano and San Lorenzo, the most beautiful part is the turn made barrel covering the rectangular floor.

The Vatican Caves
Inside St. Peter's Basilica in its basement you can visit the Vatican Grottoes characterized by corridors, chapels and niches where they were buried the Popes who have made the history of the Catholic Church. Here you can find plenty of art, as well as tombs, one of these is the fragment of a fresco by Pietro Cavallini.

Borgia Apartment
It's a beautiful apartment which is located inside the Apostolic Palace of the Vatican consists of six environments desired by Pope Alexander VI to have a confidential part and where his family lived, here you can find the frescoes of the fifteenth century by Pinturicchio. Among the most beautiful rooms is that of Sibille gilded with stucco that decorate the lunettes, sails and plumes.