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Bioparco of Rome: welcome Sumatran tiger

June 25 has been open to the Biopark of Rome a new area dedicated to Sumatran tiger, a species endangered offering, to all animal lovers, a unique opportunity to see this feline in Italy.

In nature there are only 400 specimens of Sumatran tigers and Biopark of Rome has decided to recreate their natural environment in an area of 1000 square meters with streams and pools hidden in dense vegetation and surrounded by windows to allow the public to admire them.

 The Sumatra Tigers are disappearing from the tropical  forests of Indonesia because there is no longer their  natural habitat, destroyed to cultivate oil palm and  because many of these specimens shall continue to be  the victim of poachers who kill them for use as trophies  and to sell fur to Chinese medicine.


 To raise awareness of families with their children can  take part in educational activities organized to explain  the features of the Tigers of Sumatra and explain to the  children what to do help the environment to survive it  with the other animals.


Among the many special events offered by the Biopark, you can participate in the traditional activities of the weekend as the lunch of the animals that help to know the habits of wild animals and the ability to give to eat in Sofia, the elephant frame.