Traveling in Rome with children

Cinecittà World

Traveling with children sometimes can be hard with tours that only target ancient history, which children find difficult to understand or disinteresting. If you are traveling with young children, we recommend that you enroll your children in our Gladiator School, that can come with a tour of the Colosseum or the Catacombs which are kid friendly and one of the top attractions in Rome. It is fun for the children to get a hands-on experience, but is also full of information about these ancient landmarks that adults will enjoy as well.

If you are looking to explore similar attractions after our Gladiator Tour and School, there is another option that is an activity for children of all ages. Cinecitta World, the epicenter for Italian cinema has opened an amusement park! They have Gladiator Shows, which can be a great addition to your children’s experience after enrolling in a 2 hour session at the Gladiator School through Walks Inside Rome. Along with Gladiator shows, there are Wild West Shows, Light Shows, and musical entertainment. There are many other attractions that the park offers, including water rides, rollercoasters, and swings that can accommodate children of all ages. There are five different restaurants onsite that can accommodate both adults and children.

The park provides a shuttle service to and from the park every day. It is only a short shuttle ride that departs from Termini Station, right in the hub of Rome. For more information about Cinecitta World, visit: