Traveling in Rome with children

Gelato Tour

A great option for children that will give them a taste of Italian culture is our gelato making class. Italian food is the best in the world, and the desserts are even better. This class explores different flavors with an English speaking teacher that will show you skills that you can take back home as well! You can never have too much gelato, so here is a list of Walks Inside Rome’s favorite gelato shops around the city to visit on your own:

Come il Late - Come il Late is known for their creamy gelato, but also has other deserts such as fondue and brownies. Location: Via Silvio Spaventa, 24/26

Gelateria dei Gracchi - Specializes in gluten and lactose free gelato. Location: Via dei Gracchi, 272

Fassi - Try the Classic Sanpietrino! Location:Via Principe Eugenio, 65

Gelateria Mondi - Not only good for gelato but they have exceptional pastries as well. Location: Via Flaminia 468