What to do in Rome

Something special to do in Rome in summer

Rome is always a beautiful city, but there are events you should attend at least once in their lives to make the best of this city and its cultural traditions. One of these is to see the work of the Baths of Caracalla.

The Rome Opera House has chosen the evocative Baths of Caracalla to stage the most beautiful operas and concerts of international music and there is still time to see Turandot and La Bhoème or to listen to the pleasing notes of Einaudi.

Until Saturday, August 8 you can see The Turandot by Giacomo Puccini to know the history of a woman betrothed to those who can solve three riddles, set in Beijing is a story full of emotions that will make a unique spectacle.

It 'also possible to choose another famous piece of Italian opera, La Bhoème which tells the story of young Parisian artists who see a threat to their carefree because of love, one of them, Rodolfo who can not toggling between the love of two women who will make the everyday full of emotions.

Between work and the other will be able to listen to the concert of Ludovico Einaudi is a pianist capable of renewing, always his music thanks to continuous experimentation that made him an international star of contemporary music, combining jazz rhythms with classical notes , folklore, pop and electronic music.

In summer, the Opera Theatre of Rome opens its doors to the public who wants to know closely the activities related to the work, a process that will help you understand how to work a theater thing ago before going on stage and all stages that make each night the work a unique spectacle.