What to do in Rome

The Imperial Fora of Rome

The Imperial Forums are a fascinating collection of archaeological finds that testify to the life of ancient Rome. Remains of monumental squares, statues, temples that between 46 BC and 113 AD formed the heart of the city, the center of political, economic and social that made Rome great. Four are the most beautiful parts of this open-air museum and each one tells an era of Rome, with its characters and his military exploits.

Forum of Caesar
Consists of a central square surrounded by arcades and many, in a side of this place is a temple dedicated to Venus considered a direct descendant of Caesar who invented this corner of Rome. 


Forum of Augustus
It dates back to 2 BC and is the central character is the temple dedicated to Mars which is supported by a high wall around it there were large areas where they carried out the activities of the courts. The Forum was made even more beautiful with statues of the protagonists of the stories of mythology and the emperors of Rome, with their military exploits, most notably the statue of Romulus.

Forum of Nerva
It acts as a link between all the other holes with a square able to take part on each side of each hole and built the Temple of Minerva and a monumental entrance decorated beautifully.

Trajan's Forum

It was built by Trajan, who decided to decorate it specially to celebrate his exploits, after adjusting all the other holes in its porogetto destroying them, the emperor decided to build an equestrian statue gradissima placing it in the outer part of the Forum and to make it visible to anyone who entered the monumental façade.