What to do in Rome

The most famous places in Rome

Rome is an open-air museum that shines with countless architectural treasures that represent the best of Italian art, in many of its periods. If you think in Rome it is automatically to its main attractions, amphitheatres, fountains, squares and neighborhoods that, together, make the city great.

The Colosseum
The Romans called the Flavian Amphitheatre and, over time, has been preserved as the largest amphitheater in the world. Some medieval stories tell that the Coliseum was the entrance to hell and the souls of the dead who were passing were not eternal peace.



Trevi's Fountain
The most famous fountain in Rome, was designed by Nicola Salvi rococo, the water in the fountain comes from one of the city's oldest aqueducts and is an ocean on a chariot drawn by sea horses.


Spanish Steps
Today is the symbol of Roman fashion, it is from here that leave the shopping streets of the Italian brands known throughout the world. The square dates back to the eighteenth century and the Four Rivers by Bernini and the stairway of Trinita dei Monti become one of the most elegant and beautiful of Rome.


Campo de' Fiori
The philosopher Giordano Bruno is the protagonist of this square that day is home to one of the oldest markets in Rome and at night becomes the center of entertainment. In 1600 the square was known for capital punishment, here in fact were being killed all those condemned to death.