Licensed Tour Guide Rome

Do you really need a licensed tour guide to get the most out of your visit to Rome?

Well, it depends.

If you see those somewhat monotonous, bored-looking tour leaders herding hundreds or bemused-looking tourists with a flag or stick streaming a coloured ribbon and think, okay, sure, I can get on board with that, then you probably don't.

But nobody thinks that; nobody wants to tour a city that way. That's why taking one of our small group tours with a Rome guide can make such a huge difference to your visit. 

Exploring Rome with a Rome licensed guide makes for a truly enjoyable, enthralling, and amusing experience. It’s like being walked through Rome by a friend, a local, someone who knows the city you are visiting intimately and in-depth.

Why would you not explore Rome with a guide who is madly in love with the city and exhibits an enthusiasm that grips you as you wander Rome's storied streets. A passionate tour guide will deliver every tour with the vim and vigor with which they delivered their first. What's more, they'll work out what you enjoy, what makes you laugh, what captures your imagination, and hone in on that. 

By putting yourself in the trusted hands of an expert guide in Rome whose priority is making you feel at home and nourishing you with all the information, curiosities, stories and legends you crave, you know you can just relax and enjoy your experience.

And who can put a price on that.

Finally, it's not just the tours but the city which you're exploring. Of course, your Rome guide will know the city's streets like that back of their hand, walking you the shortest route or the most interesting depending on what you're feeling. But they'll also know the best restaurants, cafés, trattorie, and wine-bars, making sure you won't be ripped off by the many tourist traps that plague the Eternal City.

Engaging tours delivered in an entertaining way; local recommendations based on years of experience - these are just some of the upsides of booking a Walks Inside Rome tour. Join us next time you find yourself in the Eternal City, and keep exploring Rome the right way.