Licensed Tour Guide Rome

Do we really need a licensed tour guide to get the most from our visit in Rome? Well, it depends…if you look at those large groups led by even-voiced, bored-looking individuals holding up an umbrella or a stick with a coloured ribbon on top the immediate answer would perhaps be “No!”…However, having a Rome guide can really make a huge difference to your visit…and for the better.

Being taken on a tour by a Rome licensed guide can be a truly enjoyable, stimulating, exciting and amusing experience…it’s like being accompanied by a friend, a local, someone who knows the city you are visiting in depth with the difference that the guide is madly in love with the city and their enthusiasm in showing you the jewels of the eternal city will be overwhelming and contagious! Passionate tour guides in fact will do their job as if they were doing it for the first time, with the same kind of drive and attention. How about being accompanied by a friend who knows exactly what you would enjoy, what would make you laugh, what would make your eyes sparkle with amazement, what would make you hold your breath with wonder? How about putting yourself in the hands of an expert whose priority is making you feel at home, giving you all the information, curiosities, stories and legends you are craving for, whilst you can just relax and know that it’s really the best you can get? On top of that, you won’t be wasting your time trying to find your way on a map and perhaps get lost…your Rome guide knows exactly where to go and how to get there quickly, and maybe you’ll be shown something very interesting on your way to your destination.

Your Rome guide will also take you to the best restaurants and cafés where you won’t be ripped off by the usual tourist hunters and you can trust you will be enjoying local food cooked in the real traditional way.  They will always be pleased to give you all the information, suggestions, recommendations that you need to make your visit and your stay as pleasant as possible…an occasion not to be missed!