Cook an Italian Sunday Lunch with Farmers Market Shopping | Shared

Cooking Classes in Rome

Cook an Italian Sunday Lunch with Farmers Market Shopping | Shared

Immerse yourself in the country's culture by cooking an Italian Sunday lunch.

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Why Choose it?

  • Source fresh local produce from the nearby farmers’ market.
  • Participate in a hands-on cooking class and try out recipes to take home.
  • Join others to recreate the fun and conviviality of a Sunday lunch.

Tour description

Italy, food, and family: three words that go hand and hand. Food is a religion in Italy, worshipped 24/7. But on Sundays, eating with family and friends is celebrated as a mandatory tradition. Families gather from all over the country to sit for a long lunch with lots of courses and laughter. When in Rome, we invite you to do the same with us as we cook and enjoy a classic Italian Sunday lunch.

You’ll begin by meeting your chef at the local farmers’ market to source the day's ingredients. Take in the bustling atmosphere and spot fellow shoppers preparing for their feasts by picking the freshest vegetables and debating over which cheese to choose for antipasti.

With your shopping basket brimming, it’s time to head back to our cooking school near Piazza Navona to start preparing for lunch over a glass of prosecco and appetizers.

Our sunday lunch menu adheres closely to tradition. It begins with a generous primo, which could be a lasagna made with fresh pasta, a rich, saucy ragù alla bolognese or light, fluffy gnocchi di patate served with a rich tomato sauce and a dusting of local pecorino.

What comes next will depend on the season. Spring brings artichokes while the summer sees in roasted peppers in summer. Join us in the fall and baked pumpkin might be the speciality. There will be a typical Roman meat dish to enjoy with all the seasonal local vegetables: chicken cooked in the hunters style with olives and rosemary or roast sucking lamb.

To finish the meal, we’ll be indulging in a classic Italian dessert, such as panna cotta and some fresh fruit picked at the market.


Italian professional English-speaking chef.
Shop for ingredients at the local farmers market.
Prosecco and antipasti.
Cook a classic Italian Sunday lunch.
Local wines and soft drinks.
Aprons for the duration of the class.
Recipes sent after the class by email.


  • Shopping at the local farmers' market.
  • Prosecco and antipasti reception.
  • Cooking class.
  • Sunday lunch.

meeting point:

In front of the Farmers' market Campagna Amica, in Via di S. Teodoro, 74 - Roma (nearby Circus Maximus)

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