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Naples & Capri Tour | Private

Explore the enchanting city of Naples before hopping across to Capri.

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Why Choose it?

  • Explore the enchanting city of Naples with a local expert.
  • Boat over to Capri and discover the dark history of the Villa of Jupiter.
  • Customize your tour to include Pompeii or Herculaneum.

Tour description

Naples, the capital of Campania is a city like no other. It is an archaeological and cultural layer-cake of Greek, Roman, Spanish and Italian culture, forged by his settlers over thousands of years. Naples has an utterly distinct atmosphere. It boasts some of Italy's most colorful architecture, delicious seafood and pizza, and famously friendly and hospitable inhabitants.

Capri, on the other hand, has a reputation for excess. Famous for the Villa of Jupiter, where the emperor Tiberius took refuge in the early 1st century AD, Capri can claim scenery as stunning as its history is disturbing. After retiring from Rome, Tiberius let loose on all his excesses and debaucheries on Capri. Discover the gripping stories of both on your private Capri and Naples Tour.

Your first stop is Naples: is a city like no other

Exploring this captivating city means falling under its spell. Start the day in the ‘monumental’ part of Naples: in a bustling café to try a tazzulella e caffé and a scrumptious sfogliatella. Naples' delicious sweet treats will give you the boost needed to explore this vibrant, colorful city.

Your guide will reveal all about Naples’ beloved folkloristic traditions and the cities most celebrated monuments and panoramic views. Admire the pink, blues and yellows of Naples’ historical palazzi, which overlook the sparkling blue Mediterranean, the bay of Naples and the mighty Vesuvius.

Explore the extraordinary Archaeological Museum of Naples

The Archaeological Museum of Naples houses some of the most extraordinary antiques in the world. Its collection includes sculptures owned by the Farnese family, treasures of Herculaneum and Pompeii and an unparalleled set of frescoes and mosaics.

We'll encounter all its most remarkable treasures, including the Farnese Hercules taken from the Baths of Caracalla in Rome and stunning ancient statues that seem like they were sculpted just yesterday. Visit the museums famous ‘Gabinetto Segreto’, Secret Cabinet, a documentation of erotic art from Pompeii.

Venture over to Capri for the final part of your tour

Jutting out into the crystal Tyrrhenian sea, the island of Capri has been a popular resort for Italy’s rich and famous since the heyday of the Roman Republic. Capri’s main site is its Villa Jovis, the emperor Tiberius’ purpose-built pleasure palace, but there are a wealth of other treasures.

Churches like the Certosa di San Giacomo, trendy towns like Capri itself, and beautiful hidden caves like the Blue Grotto are begging to be explored - on foot, by boat, however you like.   

Your Naples and Capri Tour can be fully customized

Whatever you want to see, we’re here to accommodate. Maybe you want to explore particular sites like Underground Naples, explore some of the fascinating museum collections near the Via Toledo, or visit some nearby ancient sites like Baia. Or maybe your mission in Naples is to indulge in some of Campania’s most mouth-watering food like fried pizza and delicious frutti di mare seafood.

Both in Naples and on Capri, your guide will be able to recommend the best local restaurants and bars for a long dinner or refreshing aperitivo.


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