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Discover the creativity of Neapolitan culture and cuisine on your customizable Naples tour.

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Tour description

Naples is truly a city like no other. The Campanian capital is an archaeological layer-cake of mixed Mediterranean cultures: Greeks, Romans, Spaniards, Normans, and Italians being just a few of the people that helped shape the modern city. Naples boasts a completely unique atmosphere. It exhibits some of Italy's most colorful, and at times decrepit architecture, unrivalled pizza and seafood, and famously friendly and welcoming inhabitants.

Everyone who visits Italy has to see Naples at least once. We're here to make sure that you can do just that. Leading your private Naples tour is our local, expert guide, who will share with you the very best of her city. What's more, because this is a private tour we'll tailor it according to your wishes. Meaning you get to explore Naples and the surrounding area exactly the way you want.

Experience Naples: a city like no other

Fall under Naples' spell as you discover this enchanting city. Start your day in the historic center, where the streets are narrow and the apartments lining them as tall as they are ancient. Sample some exquisite Neapolitan street food, like rum-soaked babà to go with your coffee or a cuoppo napoletano (deep fried fish and vegetables wrapped in paper).

Your guide will nourish you with knowledge of Naples’ beloved folkloristic traditions while taking you around the cities most celebrated monuments and panoramic views. Take a moment to appreciate the pink, blues, and yellows of Naples’ historical palazzos, which overlook the sparkling blue Mediterranean, the bay of Naples and the mighty Vesuvius. Spend some time marvelling at the 13th century Castel Nuovo just down by the bay.

Visit the Archaeological Museum of Naples

The Archaeological Museum of Naples houses some of the world's most illustrious ancient collection, drawing admiring visitors from across the globe. Its collection includes sculptures owned by the Farnese family, including the Farnese Hercules, as well as a wealth of treasures from Herculaneum and Pompeii. The Archaeological Museum of Naples is home to an array of stunning statues and mosaics. Its highlight, however, must be the Secret Cabinet (‘Gabinetto Segreto'): a small room stuffed with ancient erotic art.

Pass time among the ancients at Pompeii

Pompeii's perfectly preserved buildings make it the most famous ancient Roman city in the world. Well, outside Rome at least. Pompeii is truly a city trapped in time, testimony to a sudden and catastrophic natural disaster that shook the Roman Empire and echoed down through the ages.

The site of Pompeii has enough to occupy you for a week, nevermind a day. But your personal, knowledgeable guide can condense the site into the very best bits. Explore temples to the pagan gods, villas for Pompeii's wealthy residents, the baths where people went to socialize and relax, and the amphitheater where participants battled to the death.

Immerse yourself in antiquity at Herculaneum

Less famous but arguably better preserved than her neighboring sister Pompeii is the coastal town of Herculaneum. Another victim of Vesuvius, Herculaneum is a lot smaller than Pompeii. But the intimate connection it gives you to antiquity makes the journey just as worthwhile. Descend down to the ancient town and be greeted by the skeletons at its gates. Explore the frescoed walls of its villas - which look like they were painted yesterday - and wander its cobbled streets. Your expert guide will bring Herculaneum to life, giving you a unique insight into how the ancients lived.

See how royalty lived at the Reggia of Caserta

Known by some as the Italian Versailles, the terrific palace of Reggia in the nearby Campanian countryside is one of the regions main attractions. For good reason: this former residence of the king of Naples has since been declared a UNESCO world heritage site on account of its lush landscaped gardens and wealth of treasures within the palace.

Sail over to Capri and discover its treasures

The emperor Tiberius chose Capri as the site of his voluntary exile from Rome. Approaching the island from its teal blue waters today, you can quite see why. Jutting out of the sea just off the idyllic Amalfi Coast, Capri is one of Naples' and Campania's true treasures. History enthusiasts can enjoy its imperial Villa of Jove while those more in search of natural beauty can seek out the breathtaking view of Monte Solaro or the cavernous excitement of the Blue Grotto.

Your Naples Custom Tour can be crafted to include exactly what you want. Get in touch with us today and we can shape you an experience to last a lifetime around Naples and the South.


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