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Rome Tour for Kids on 4 Wheels

A customizable tour for kids exploring the Eternal City from Colosseum to Catacombs.

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Why Choose it?

  • Explore Rome with the entire family and your expert kids friendly guide.
  • Experience the iconic Colosseum, Piazza Navona, Aventine Hill and more.
  • Avoid the crowds with your own driver and skip-the-line tickets.

Tour description

Your chariot awaits! Ride through Rome in style and speed. Avoid pushing your way through the crowded sidewalks and the huff-and-puff of climbing steep slopes. Our chauffeur picks you up in front of your hotel for a family-friendly tour around the Eternal City with an expert, kid-friendly guide.

Keep the “are we there yet” at bay with a speedy ride from one stop to the next. From the iconic Colosseum, down the ancient Appian Way, and everything in between. Grab your Roman experience by the horns and take a ride through this ancient city.

A walk-free tour for kids up the Aventine Hill

Save your walking shoes and tired calves for another day as we drive you up the steep streets of Aventine Hill for a peek through the keyhole. The beautiful Santa Maria del Priorato sits at the peak with a “secret” to admire. Look through the tiny keyhole on the forest green door to see a magnificently-framed view of St. Peter’s Basilica. Wow your kids with this view of an entirely differently country through a teeny aperture in a monstrous door.

The keyhole is not the only impressive view from here. Breathe the fresh air and let your kids weave between the citrus trees. Enjoy a spectacular view from the ledge of the steppes leading down to the Tiber River and the trendy Trastevere across it.

A tour for kids of gladiators and emperors in the Roman Forum and Colosseum

Don’t be intimidated by the hordes of people surrounding this ancient amphitheater. A ride around the colossal ruins of the Colosseum with your personable tour guide gives you all the facts without sacrificing personal space. Feel the refreshing breeze and escape the battles between both gladiators and tourists in a speedy escape around the Roman Forum. 

Otherwise, enter with the optional skip-the-line tickets. Your engaging guide leads you through the arches with gusto to curb your curiosity about the mysteries that lie inside the iconic ruins. Explore the battleground where gladiators fought and stand where emperors stood to gaze upon the games below. Move through to the Roman Forum located next to the Colosseum for a tour around at the epicenter of ancient Rome. With history and culture to boot, your guide leads you from the Arch of Constantine to the Temple of Saturn, and everything in between.

Explore Piazza Navona and the Old Appian Way

Ride through the bustling streets straight through to the famous Piazza Navona for a peek at Bernini’s astounding Fountain of the Four Rivers and Boromini’s impeccably designed Chiesa di Sant’Agnese in Agone. Trek over to the nearby Trevi Fountain for a look into the mouth of an ancient—and still working—aqueduct. While you’re there, throw a coin over your shoulder into the water for good luck!

Next, speed on down Appia Antica—the old Appian Way. It’s a peaceful retreat from the city with towering pines lining the flattened stone road. You can even see the tracks where old chariots used to ride, dug straight into the stones. Now is the perfect time to peek inside the Catacombs of Rome. With miles of seemingly endless tunnels, the catacombs are truly a sight to behold. Used from before ancient Rome up through early Christianity, the amount of history and wonder below Rome’s surface is mind-boggling. 

In case that doesn't pique your interest, your family-friendly tour guide will lead you down the Roman Ramparts. Out on the grassy fields with a refreshing breeze. History, culture, and natural beauty fills this part of Rome—plus it’s a great place for your kids to get out any pent-up energy!


Customize this 3-to-4-hour tour to your liking: choose your vehicle (van, car, or golf cart), and customize the attractions according to your interest. Get in touch, and we are more than happy to make your trip to Rome unforgettable.


Skip-the-line entrance
Expert Kids Friendly Guide
Car & Driver at disposal


  • Colosseum
  • Roman Forum
  • Aventine Hil
  • One Catacomb or Ancient Walls Museum

Kids friendly:

This tour is kids friendly, your children are welcome

Wheelchair accessible:

Yes. Wheelchair to be left in the hotel lobby upon pickup.

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