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Spend an evening exploring the Eternal City on a private Tuk Tuk tour.

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143 €

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Why Choose it?

  • Explore Rome's highlights in the unique ambience of the evening.
  • Roam the Eternal City in cool comfort and convenience.
  • Discover Rome's secrets with your own expert private guide and driver.

Tour description

Trudging the Eternal City’s sampietrini (black cobblestones) on foot is how most people experience Rome. But Rome wasn’t built in a day, and roaming it on foot you’ll never manage to explore it in one. The Eternal City is enormous, its attractions dispersed across the historical center. So why trudge Rome’s busy streets during the crowded heat of the day when you can explore the city in the unique ambience of the evening!

Starting at 7:00 pm, your private evening Tuk Tuk Tour of Rome takes you on an unforgettable journey through the city’s history. You’ll encounter the highlights of the Rome of the Popes to the vestiges of the City of the Caesars, journeying from Saint Peter’s to the Roman Forum and a myriad of monuments in between. Read on to discover your itinerary in more detail.

Vatican City

The Vatican City lies across the River Tiber from the ancient heart of the city. It’s the world’s smallest sovereign state (home, conversely, to the world’s largest church) and houses a wealth of architecture, artworks, and treasures that draw millions of visitors each year.

Saint Peter’s Basilica and Square

You private Tuk Tuk Tour of Rome takes you right into the heart of the Vatican City, bringing you face to face with Bernini’s magnificent Colonnade around Saint Peter’s Square and the ancient Egyptian obelisk at its center. We won’t be going inside the Basilica itself (as it isn’t especially tuk tuk friendly) but your guide will talk you through the curiosities of this Christian epicenter. 

Janiculum Hill

On the same side of the river as the Vatican City, the Janiculum Hill offers incredible views over Rome. It might not be one of the Seven Hills but it houses a plethora of breathtaking monuments, from the famous Fountain of the Acqua Paola (or Fontanone as the locals call it) to the enormous statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi.


Descend the Janiculum Hill and you’ll find yourself in Trastevere, a winding labyrinth of cobbled medieval streets. Once the working class area of the city, situated across the Tiber from Rome’s political and religious heartland, Trastevere had become one of Rome’s trendiest neighborhoods.

Your private guide will walk (or rather drive!) you through Trastevere’s fascinating history, navigating you through its atmospheric streets and vibrant, buzzing squares. Trastevere can lay claim to the oldest church in Rome. See it for yourself on this private evening tour

Aventine Hill

Crossing over the Tiber from one former working-class area to another, your tuk tuk driver will take you to the trendy, traditional neighborhood of Testaccio. It stretches from the river to the foot of the Aventine Hill, up which you’ll drive for an incredible secret view over the Vatican.

Secret Keyhole View

Towards the crest of this hill, first settled, according to legend, by Romulus’ twin brother Remus, you’ll come across one of Rome’s best-kept secrets: the keyhole. The keyhole offers a picture-perfect panoramic of Saint Peter’s Basilica and Michelangelo’s magnificent dome. 

Piazza Venezia

Piazza Venezia is situated at the crossroads of the historic center, stretching out from the Capitoline Hill and Imperial Forums. It stands in the shadow of the Altare della Patria - the Altar of the Fatherland - an enormous monument that divides opinion as to whether it’s beautiful or garish while still serving as the backdrop for millions of photographs a year.

Roman Forum

From Piazza Venezia it’s just a short drive to the Roman Forum: the true cradle of the Roman Empire as the place senators and citizens once politicked and conspired. We won’t go into the Roman Forum (again, its 2,000+ years of history makes it notoriously unfriendly for modern transportation) but we will enjoy sweeping views over the heartland of ancient Rome, accompanied by vivid descriptions from your expert guide.

Quirinal Palace

Ascending the Quirinal, one of the Seven Hills of Rome, your tuk tuk driver will take you past the Quirinal Palace: the official residence of the incumbent Italian president. Jutting up outside is the monumentally impressive Quirinal Obelisk, a 1st century AD structure that once stood outside the mausoleum of a certain Augustus Caesar.

Trevi Fountain

The final stop on your private Tuk Tuk Tour of Rome is the Baroque masterpiece of the Trevi Fountain. Drawing from a mind-bogglingly ancient aqueduct, whose water shimmers at night against the brilliantly illuminated fountain sculptures, the Trevi Fountain is as aesthetically beautiful as it is culturally iconic: the scene of a certain nocturnal rendezvous in one of the most romantic scenes of Fellini’s La Dolce Vita.

Please note: the order of the itinerary varies according to your starting point.

This tour is not suitable for pregnant women or children under 6.


  • Vatican City
  • Saint Peter's Square
  • Saint Peter's Basilica (outside)
  • Janiculum Hill
  • Trastevere
  • Aventine Hill
  • Secret Keyhole View
  • Piazza Venezia
  • Roman Forum (outside)
  • Quirinal Hill
  • Quirinal Palace
  • Trevi Fountain

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