Gladiators & Emperors of Rome for Kids and Families

Rome for Kids & Families

Gladiators & Emperors of Rome for Kids and Families

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Tour description

A walking tour designed to captivate kids with the enticing treasures of Ancient Rome! This private tour (with no waiting in lines for impatient kids!) is a chance to really bring Rome and its history of the gladiators and emperors who shaped Rome’s awesome past to life for your kids.

The tour will take you on a journey to see the most important sights of Ancient Rome. We start at the Colosseum where you will be able to learn about the beasts & animals who used to occupy this monumental amphitheater. Then we’ll have a view of the Roman Forum and the Via Sacra, the epicenter of life 2000 years ago. Next, we will climb the Palatine Hill to explore the ruins of the Imperial Palaces. From here you will enjoy a spectacular view over the Circus Maximus where chariots racers used to risk their lives on wild horses!

For an additional price you can include the VIP areas of the Colosseum - the underground, the arena floor, and the third tier - which all have limited public access. Visiting these areas will allow you to more fully immerse yourself in the history of the monument (visiting these areas will increase the tour length to 4 hours. Space is very limited, so we do ask you to let us know if you have flexibility with your dates and times.


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  • Colosseum
  • Roman Forum
  • Palatine Hill
  • Circus Maximus (View)

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This tour is kids friendly, your children are welcome

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Hotel or Arch of Constantine - Colosseum side

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Attractions & Highlights

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Circus Maximus

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The Rome tours allow you to visit the Colosseum in all its glory by taking vision of the meaning that has played for the Romans.

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