Visit Rome

Why visit Rome?

Yes, we know, we’ve all heard about it: Rome is the most beautiful city in the world, and perhaps only Venice or few other cities can compare to it. The eternal city, Caput Mundi, the city of La dolce vita…everyone has an image of magnificence when thinking about visiting Rome. Even the native Roman who’s never been inside the Colosseum or the Sistine Chapel will proudly agree: there’s no city like Rome anywhere else in the world.
But what really makes the city so universally wonderful?
Well,  to a Roman it is a mixture of sentimental and aesthetic reasons: whoever is born in Rome or chooses Rome as the city of adoption knows that it sticks to your heart forever, despite the difficulties, the chaos, the traffic and its many other problems…it must be the river, the fiery sunsets, all those domes lit up at night, the glory of the Colosseum, the breathtaking view of the city from the terrace of the Caffé Zodiaco, or simply the openness and generosity of the Romans…
People who visit Rome are enchanted by the city as it is an irresistible combination of buildings, squares, fountains, parks but also of light, colours, smells, tastes and sounds.

Rome is a huge promenade through the ages: walking through the streets of the city centre is like being in a time machine where each step taken is the witness to ancient times and an encounter with remote peoples and lifestyles: from the time it was founded, through all the ages, Rome has been greatly enriched with cultures, traditions, religions, cults and customs near and far.

Rome has always been a city of power, both spiritual and secular, and the pomp and majesty of its palaces, churches, squares and parks have their reason in the nature of the city as a centre of governance and leadership. That’s why it will never cease to impress the visitor with its magnificent buildings – as it will never cease to astonish for the curiosities, legends and mysteries it is so full of: from the tiny church of Santa Barbara de’ Librari with its ancient organ – one of the tiniest churches in Rome - to the Church of the Cappuccini on the Via Veneto, with its macabre crypt decorated with the skulls and bones of friars belonging to the confraternity, to the Magic Door in Piazza Vittorio which is said to be engraved with the formula to turn metals into gold, to the little statue of a cat on top of a building on the via della Gatta staring at a spot where a huge treasure is said to be hidden, to the ghost of Donna Olimpia who is still said to be seen wandering through Piazza Navona when the moon is full or during stormy nights.

What do people who visit Rome remember? "The blue sky, the sun that shines so abundantly and indefatigably in the good season as well as in autumn and winter, the incomparable food, wine, coffee, cappuccino, ice-cream and tiramisu, cornettos and pastarelle…"

As an illustrious citizen of Rome - Christina of Sweden - once said: “I would live in Rome on bread and water with only one maid at my service rather than possess all the kingdoms and the treasures of the world and live anywhere else”. Rome is definitely worth a visit, after all…