Altare della Patria

The Altare della Patria or Vittoriano monument is located on the Capitol Hill and was built during the Fascist period in honor of Vittorio Emanuele II.

Since 1921, the monument became a symbol of the unification of Italy and of its freedom, especially after it became the shrine for the remains of the Milite Ignoto.

The structure was designe by the architect Giuseppe Sacconi in 1885. Sacconi commissinned sculptors throughout Italy to make the statues for the building, to make it a symbol of Italy's unification. The building was inaugurated in 1911, though actually completed only in 1925.

The Altare della Patria is not only a monument filled with sculputures and reliefs, but, thanks to our tour guides, you can learn about the meaning it has for Italians, in fact it is here that many events are done. Indeed, to better understand the meaning and importance of a monument as the Altare della Patria it is essential to choose a Rome Tour to know all its ideological and artistic details.

The Altare della Patria also provides the panoramic elevators capable of giving a unique view of the entire city of Rome and is home to the Vittoriano Complex which hosts exhibitions of great beauty.