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Come and explore the magical contemporary city on the water rich in history, secret legends and architectural treasures through WIR Venice tours

Venice Tours

Venice is undoubtedly of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Visiting Venice is the dream of many travelers. A unique city of its kind, rich in history, secret legends and architectural treasures to discover. However, only with an expert local guide you will have the chance to discover the true essence of the City of Canals and see with your own eyes how is it like to live in a magical and romantic city crossed by the sea. Walks Inside Rome, in a real journey through time, can accompany you to explore this wonderful city through immersive, educational private tours. You can customize Venice tours to your liking, seeing exactly what you want to see.

The best things to do and see in the city of the Doges

Venice is a destination that most people get to know through photos or even movies. You can only discover the authentic side of the City of the Doges when you are there because the city takes on a whole new dimension. You find yourself immersed in an almost surreal atmosphere: a canal and a crowd of boats circulate in front of you.

You are planning a few days stay in Venice and you are wondering how to organize it with so much to see. In this regard, we recommend an itinerary to admire the most beautiful monuments, visit the most interesting museums and enjoy all the best places of interest in Venice and the islands of its lagoon.

Venice and its architectural treasures

Millions of tourists come to visit Venice every year. Here art is everywhere and has been for centuries: sumptuous architecture, magnificent palaces, majestic monuments. To be amazed!

  • Saint Mark’s Square: this is certainly the most emblematic place to visit in Venice. It is the main square of the city, a meeting place for locals but also for tourists, the truly hub where you will stop to visit the Saint Mark’s Basilica, the Doge’s Palace, but also the Campanile of San Marco and all the other must-see monuments.

  • Saint Mark’s Basilica: this majestic basilica is to be discovered at all costs for its Byzantine-style mosaics, its domes, its statues and the altar that would contain the bones of Saint Mark himself. Its construction dates back to the mid-11th century, it is very ornate and we recognize it with its façade bearing a winged golden lion, symbol of Venice.

  • Doge’s Palace: it is certainly one of the most beautiful palaces in Europe, rich in history and offering sensational paintings such as those by Veronese, Bellini, Tiziano or Tintoretto. It is accessed via the infamous Bridge of Sighs which connects to the famous prison where Casanova was imprisoned. With its Gothic architecture, it was the residence of the Doges who ruled the Republic.

  • Rialto Bridge: your guide will take you through the labyrinth of “calle” – the famous narrow and little streets in Venice – to admire the famous Rialto Bridge, the very colourful bridge that dates back to 1500 and was the first building to cross the Grand Canal.

Discover the history behind the Venetian traditions with your private local guide

However, Venice can be discovered with all the senses. For example, you can delight your palate by visiting a prestigious Venetian chocolatier – the favorite of Venice’s inhabitants and visitors alike – situated between the famous Rialto Bridge and Saint Mark’s Square and tasting some of the his sweet delicacies (hot chocolatedragéepralines).

Moreover, during the Carnival, a deeply felt festivity in Venice, you have the chance to deep dive into Venetian rich culture and to design and personalize your own souvenir, painting your very own traditional Carnival mask – one of the symbols that define the city, rivaling the Gondola as the most typically Venetian object. In a famous mask making shop in the historic city center you will learn all about the captivating history of Venetian Masks, the different types of mask ranging from Commedia dell’Arte to Colombina styles, and the materials they are made from.

The wonders of Venice’s Lagoon 

Venice is not only the heart of the city but also the magnificence of its small islands: Murano, Burano and Torcello.

When you are in Venice a private boat really is the best way explore this enchanting city. Beyond the Grand Canal there is the so called lagoon to explore. Your expert local guide will take you on an adventure to beyond the city and you will be able to reach medieval sites that only a private boat can take you to. This is a perfect tour for you and your family as there is the time to relax and enjoy the beauty of the nature of the Venetian Lagoon.

The itinerary will take you to:

  • Murano: the first must-visit stop on the lagoon is the glass-blowing island of Murano. Testament to the historical ability of its inhabitants dates back to the 14th century, when they almost completely monopolized the production of mirrors in Europe. During your stop, you will enjoy glass-blowing demonstrations and sample some of the fine foods and wines the region has to offer.

  • Burano: the delightfully colourful island of Burano is one of the most eye-catching islands in the Venetian lagoon. In fact, it is famous for its charming pastel-coloured houses. During  the visit you will be exploring its historic lace-making tradition and ateliers, meeting locals and getting an authentic taste of island life which  also offers some sublime Alpine views.

  • Torcello: an hour’s boat ride north of Venice’s main island lies the largely abandoned old archaeological site of the Torcello island. By the fifteenth century Torcello had become overrun with malaria, and demographically it never recovered. Despite being the cradle of this city, the place where Venetian history began in the 5th century, the island generates little interest among tourists. Nowadays, only around 30 people live on the island.

Discover Venice and its Lagoon with Walks Inside Rome

For more than 20 years, Walks Inside Rome has been offering immersive, authentic, and educational private and small-group tours and kids and families experiences in Rome and other Italy’s destinations.

Our team of local, licensed guides are seasoned experts in art, history, archaeology and food. Our combined expertise and experience will transform your time in Venice and its Lagoon into something truly exceptional.

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