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When an open-air museum is transformed into a living heritage

Florence tours: come and explore the cultural and artistic highlights of the Cradle of the Renaissance through one of WIR immersive tours of Florence

Florence tours

Even for those who already know Florence, following lesser-known itineraries will allow you to discover in a lively and educational way the history and artistic riches of this city of art, but also the city of fashion and crafts. It is always worth visiting Florence from a different perspective, to discover the most secret and unusual places in the city of Dante Alighieri and the unmissable places of the Renaissance. However, to explore with a fun historical and artistic approach the Florence’s art collections, neighborhoods and historical gardens you need a good local guide and a very varied range of guided tours suitable even for the youngest. As fascinating for parents as they are for children, Walks Inside Rome’s Florence tours take you on a surprising journey into Renaissance art allowing you to enrich your knowledge and learn.

A fascinating journey through time in the heart of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

The city of Florence is remarkably rich in monuments, mainly dating back to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The city is divided into several districts, each with its emblematic architectural works.

In the Middle Ages, Florence was transformed: squares, markets, stone bridges and new roads were built, a “beautiful” city was born and huge sums were invested to decorate the houses. Thanks to a modern and prosperous economy, this modern and lively view of the city will be even more surprising during the Renaissance.

From the Roman foundation to the birth of the medieval village, from the republican dream to the rise of the Medici, the visit of the historic center of Florence will lead you through these centuries of history to discover the main districts and main monuments.

  • The Piazza della Signoria and its open-air sculpture museum

  • The Palazzo Vecchio, symbol of civil power

  • The Medici Palace, current seat of the Metropolitan Council

  • The Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore with the majestic Brunelleschi’s Dome

  • The Duomo district with the Baptistery and Giotto’s bell tower

  • The Palazzo Pitti

  • The Boboli Gardens

  • The Ponte Vecchio with its goldsmiths shops

  • The Church of Santa Croce

  • The Convent of San Marco

  • The Uffizi Gallery

  • The Accademia Gallery

  • The Gothic oratories

  • The districts of the palaces of the rich bankers

  • The famous river Arno

And many other masterpieces and wonders that will make you and your family love this dazzling and magical city, an oasis of elegance and refinement.

A walk to discover the life and work of Dante Alighieri, the greatest Florentine poet

The Fourteenth Century is the century of poetry par excellence and Florence saw the birth of the greatest of Italian poets, Dante Alighieri.

The new poetry of the young aristocrats is declaimed in the city, in the squares, in the halls of the palaces. Here, he and his friends invent a new language, the lyric of love is born: you can sing about the woman you love but you can never love her carnally.

The taste for love poetry will be tenacious and will continue throughout the Renaissance. There will be many Florentine artists who will marvelously practice this art.

But the father of the Italian language will also be engaged in an honest and hard political struggle. The Vita Nova and the Divine Comedy, the founding text of Italian and European literature, are the poet’s masterpieces that will accompany the visitor during the Florentine wanderings through the medieval streets of the city, its secret squares, and its churches.

Thus, the walk in Dante’s footsteps will take you to Dante’s House, the Church of Santa Margherita dei Cerchi, Palazzo Portinari, the National Museum of the Bargello, the Church of Orsanmichele and the surroundings of Santo Spirito in Oltrarno.

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