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Vatican Kids and Families Tours

Are you a fan of history and art? Do you like to know and taste the cuisine of different countries? Traveling with children and family in tow? Then you need a good local guide who can take you on a fun-filled private, personalized tour. Come to Rome, enjoy the city and explore the Vatican’s vast collection through the entertaining and engaging Vatican kids and families tours of Walks Inside Rome.

Visiting Rome with the family

Traveling is always a good experience. Visiting unmissable places that have made history enriches from all points of view. Exploring Rome with your family is an opportunity to introduce your kids to a mythical capital, the cradle of Western civilization. Discovering Roman monuments such as the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Forum, and the Vatican City, you embark on a journey through time – almost 30 centuries of history unfold before your eyes in every corner of the capital of Italy.

Whether it is for a weekend, a week-long stay or a longer vacation, you can visit Rome with the family led by an expert guide who can offer you ideas and practical advice to prepare you to fully enjoy at your own pace the Eternal City and its wonders.

How to fully enjoy the Vatican kids and families tours

The Vatican is a must-see in Rome! However, to save time and avoid waiting hours with children at the entrance, especially in summer, choose skip-the-line tickets. If you want to keep your kids busy while visiting the Vatican just choose a private tour designed for families.

You will thus be able to encounter the Vatican’s famous highlights and discover many of its hidden treasures. Moreover, you will enter the majestic St. Peter’s Basilica and learn the secrets behind Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel with our knowledgeable and family-friendly guide.

St. Peter’s Basilica is the largest and most prestigious church in Christianity and, with the Colosseum, Rome’s leading tourist site. Registered with Unesco, it is also one of the most visited monuments in the world. It boasts among the greatest masterpieces of Italian Renaissance and Baroque art: Michelangelo’s Pietà, the canopy and throne of St. Peter, frescoes by Bernini, Botticelli and many other artists.

The aim will be to explore the Vatican at your own and your family pace and enjoy the explanations of your guide that will bring the wonders of the place to life while entertaining and educating your children at the same time. Our treasure hunt for kids will engage and entertain your little travelers, enthralling them with its fascinating history and awe-inspiring art.

Walks Inside Rome – Private tours of the Vatican for kids and families

Walks Inside Rome is a family-run company of travel services and guided tours which was established in Rome over 20 years ago.

If you thought that Vatican City was not suitable for children, you must change your mind. Because it is exactly the opposite! Walks Inside Rome allows you to explore and experience private tours of the Vatican perfect for kids and adults alike. Our English-speaking expert guides will accompany you to discover both the main sites and magnificent collections of the Vatican as well as the hidden treasures.

Thanks to official and professional guides including kid-friendly art historians and archaeologists, we’ve designed our Vatican tours specifically with your young ones in mind, making sure they get to meet the gruesome wonders and fascinating spectacles that children love to explore.

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