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For more than 20 years we have been running exceptional private tours of Rome because we believe you should discover the Eternal City exactly the way you want to. When devising the itinerary for your vacation, you should never have to compromise. That’s why all of our private tours of Rome are totally customizable.

Our treasured Silver Partner status with the Vatican grants us a range of exclusive benefits. We value our collaboration so highly because we can bring these benefits to you. Skip-the-line access to the Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums bring you right up close to Michelangelo’s masterpieces. Our early morning entrance allows you to appreciate the beauty of the Vatican’s collections in peace and without the crowds.

Seen from street level, Rome is stunning. Seen from underground, the city is astounding. Walks Inside Rome runs a range of private tours taking you through the many layers of Roman history. From the expansive catacombs that line the Appian Way and the Mithraeum under St. Clemente Basilica to the mighty Colosseum Undergroud, once home to stage sets and holding pens, underground Rome is waiting to be explored. Descend into its depths and discover it for yourself.

Some of our private tours of Rome combine the Rome of the Popes with the City of the Caesars. If you’re short on time, our express tour is perfect for you, condensing the vast history of the Sistine Chapel and Colosseum into four hours. An extension to this is our Best of Rome tour, which in addition takes you on a journey into the Roman Forum, where you can walk in the footsteps of Caesar and other great names of the Roman Republic.

Our private tours in Rome also include a range of themed-based itineraries. This might be retracing the lives of Baroque masters like Bernini and Borromini or visiting Rome’s must stunning basilicas and churches and marvelling at their incredible mosaics. Walks Inside Rome also runs a range of food tours, which take you through the historical streets of Trastevere and Testaccio with a foodie guide and introduce you to the mouthwatering delights of authentic Roman street food.

Finally, for those who value cuisine as highly as culture, our private tours of Rome can be combined to include a cooking class. We have a reputed cooking school near Piazza Navona, converted from a 17th-century palazzo and sleekly furnished with modern marble fittings. As well as hands-on pasta and pizza-making classes (in which guests also learn to craft such sweet treats as gelato and tiramisù), we offer a range of other experiences in which you can perfect your technique of Italian cooking. And if you want to come with us as we source your fresh ingredients from a local farmers’ market beforehand, we can arrange for that as well.

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