About the Vatican

Top 5 Favorite Facts about St. Peter’s Dome: Magic, Michelangelo and more.

04 August 2016

Vatican Museums and its amazing works of art.

19 July 2016

Discover the most beautiful things of Vatican Gardens.

08 July 2016

Discover some of the most hidden places and evocative of the Vatican.

27 April 2016

The Vatican offers many beauties while away from Rome. Discover them with us

22 December 2015

The opening of the Holy Door is the symbol of the Jubilee year, but also of the past years. Discover its secrets and meanings

10 December 2015

It 's all ready for the Jubilee 2015, discover things to do to live this particular year in Rome.

17 November 2015

Discover what are the four paths proposed for the extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, a chance to experience Rome with his Christianity.

27 October 2015

Rome has four papal basilicas who enjoy special privileges and are the most important for the Catholic Church.

27 August 2015

The Basilica, the Square, the museums and the gardens are symbols of the Vatican a mixture of art and beauty that you can only find in Italy.

28 July 2015