Trastevere is among the most charming district in Rome, and the perfect spot for a romantic walk or a food stroll.

In ancient days the area of Trastevere was beyond the perimeter of the city of Rome. The area was occupied by the Etruscans and it overlooked the Tiberine Island – the only point where it was possible to cross the rushing waters of the Tiber River. Eventually conquered by the Romans, the area of Trastevere was inhabited by sailors and fishermen who had their ships in the small harbor located next to the river. Trastevere became part of Rome only in the late Imperial Period, when Aurelian decided to include it within the city walls. In the middle ages, the area became a sort of slum, with many poor people leaving near the Vatican in the hope to receive some benefit from proximity to the Pope.

In modern times, Trastevere has become one of the trendiest spots in town. Frequented by Romans and tourists alike, its charming winding alleys make it ideal for an evening walk, its cheap bustling bars are great for drinks, or the many dining options make it an excellent spot for a good dinner. But beware, while their several excellent restaurants in Trastevere, there are also several tourists’ traps, which take advantage of the favorable location to serve modest food at a dishonest price. Make sure to ask a local where the right spot to enjoy a gorgeous meal is!


Jacopo G. (Walks Inside Rome author)