Walking in the darkness, guided by a ray of light, to the bottom of the church, where candles illuminate a hidden treasure...

Uncovering Caravaggio's canvases in San Luigi dei Francesi, is an emotional experience, a modern thrill that he designed for us four centuries ago, aware of the effect they were to make of the viewer's eyes. 

Realism, Mystical light, and ‎Raw, cruel vision of religious stories: all his ideas ‎opened the way to a revolutionary style, and left imitators everywhere they arrived, ‎opening the curtains to the beginning of modern age.

Caravaggio's‎ complex personality was fragile and violent, capable of beauty... but led him into trouble: a spiral down to fights, disease, and eventually homicide.

Four years he lived on the run, just to find death on an ordinary beach, his body abandoned mysteriously on the sand‎. He was only 39 years old.

Now the story of his life we can read on his paintings, ‎a story to be told ‎following his very steps, from church to church, from Sant’Agostino in Campo Marzio to Santa Maria del Popolo, in the neighbourhood where he lived, walking past his ordinary home and the extraordinary one of his collector, the Borghese Gallery, meeting his friends paintings... and his enemy's ones.‎

A complete excursion through the Seventeenth century most celebrated and darkest Italian artist, fuelled with hints of technical nature and insights that will never make you look at Caravaggio’s paintings the same way again.


Francesco A. (Walks inside Rome Tour)