The Colosseum is the first stage of the Rome Tours because it is the symbol of the city, the most visited archaeological site and that makes us famous all over the world.

The ancient name is Flavian Amphitheater, the Colosseum name comes from the presence near the monument of a colossal bronze statue of Nero. This monument was built by Vespasian for gladiatorial shows and simulations of hunting wild animals.

The exterior is formed by eight arches and engaged columns, the fourth order is divided into panels interspersed with windows, there were initially a masonry and wood structure capable of supporting a huge tent used to protect from the sun and rain spectators.

Our Rome Tours allow you to see the interior of the Colosseum made of marble steps and a central arena made with wood and sand. In the basement there were cellars of the tunnel where they were wild beasts and all you need for the shows.

With Rome Tours today you can visit the interior of the Colosseum consists of two levels which allows for striking vision of space both inside and outside. You can also visit the temporary exhibitions related to past and contemporary exhibitions.

The Colosseum was also in ancient times, the reference point of the Gladiators because here we fought and trained before their performances. The Gladiators were good soldiers, very expensive, brave, but they were the prisoners, who were fighting to gain their freedom by attending the gladiators school that allowed them to improve and lengthen, so life expectancy.

The beauty of the Colosseum shines even more under the moonlight when the atmosphere is quieter and it becomes even more impressive to hear the many legends that are told about one of the seven wonders of the world.