Jewish Ghetto of Rome

Rome is often mistaken as a Christian city but before St. Peter arrived, Jews inhabited Rome. Jews are in fact the most authentic citizens of Rome! They have been here for over 22 centuries.  

The cruel fate of Roman Jews was left in the hands of whomever conquered the city. Pope Paul IV forced them all to live together in a suffocating plot of land next to the Tiber, known as the ghetto, for over 300 years. It became one of Rome’s most intriguing neighborhoods. Despite the brutality, Jews established themselves a vibrant culture and cuisine, still celebrated today in the Ghetto.  

The ghetto is wonderfully unique due to the hybrid of cultures and inhabitants. There is the food… not just the fried artichokes but also the ‘cucina ebraica tripolina’, heavily influenced by the Libyan Jews who fled to Rome in the 1960s. The flavors are unexpected. There is fish, stewed with paprika and cumin, and a must try is ‘Cershi’: the delicious squash puree prepared with lots of garlic.

We have passionate Jewish guides, brilliant at re-telling the story of Roman Jews. Our guides will take you to the visit the Synagogue, the museum and introduce you to the food. We want to share with you this fantastic Roman neighborhood: past and present.