Choosing a tour of Rome is possible to know the Pantheon, one of the oldest religious buildings in Rome and perhaps one of the most visited.

The Pantheon is a temple built in honor of all the Gods those present, past and future, the Romans called the Rotunda from which it takes its name to the square in front of the building.

It was built Adriano, in 128 by d.C, after a fire damaged the building the previous year, and only at the beginning of the seventh century it was converted into a Christian basilica called Santa Maria ad Martyrs.

Our Rome tours let you know about a building, one of the Pantheon, which has the shape of a perfect sphere, becoming a perfect example of architecture balanced and stable, thanks to a harmony of lines and shapes of the masses.

What is most impressive is the dome of the Pantheon which allows the sunlight to enter inside, illuminating the entire building and creating a play of light.

In 1870 it became the place to house the remains of King of Italy, and was buried there also Raffaello Sanzio.

The Pantheon is one of the protagonists of our best tours that will give you the opportunity to visit and get to know an example of Italian architecture exported all over the world.