Pincian Terrace

Our Rome guided tours will recommend one of the most romantic places in the city of Rome that will offer breathtaking views.

The Pincian Hill is one of the hills of Rome is characterized by villas and gardens that occupy the entire hill and a terrace overlooking Piazza del Popolo and offers spectacular sunsets. In Ancient Rome this hill was the seat of the homes of prominent families of the Roman nobility, and its name derives from one of the most influential families of the period.

At the foot of the hill there was the tomb of Domitii in which were buried the ashes of Nero and subsequent excavations have unearthed the remains of many large buildings with porches with pillars and where the facts were laid workshops.

With our tour of Rome you can explore one of the most exclusive quarters of Rome where Bernini sculpted the door of the people in the north of the city where pilgrims come, artists, merchants who gave the welcome to Queen Christina of Sweden.

Paths, sights, huge parks and rooftop terrace are the main features of the Pincian Hill and which are repeated in many Italian cities, taking example from one of the nicest neighborhoods in the city.