The Roman Forum

With our Rome Tours you can visit the Imperial Forum, one of the most beautiful parts of Rome which includes a set of monumental squares and buildings built over the centuries by the Roman emperors, most notably Julius Caesar. The Ancient Roman Forums are a symbol of the political life of ancient Rome.

The first Forum is to Caesar a square that has two porches and a temple dedicated to Venus Genetrix, and in ancient times was considered the most prestigious forum even though it was built for propaganda purposes.

The Forum of Augustus is characterized by a temple dedicated to Mars after the victory in battle, the temple leaning on a wall dividing the districts of the hole, esedre and adorned with statues and decorations typical of the golden age.

One of the most significant elements of the Roman Forum is the Temple of Peace thought of as a large quadrangle surrounded by porches and a garden museum with pedestals for statues and pools of water, which was destroyed by a fire and then restored.

These are just some of the most important holes in this fantastic open-air museum it has survived many years and are examples of after many years of giving examples of art and culture from ancient traditions.

New excavations have brought to light new areas that leave surround Rome called, in the fascist period, Via dei Fori Imperiali a veritable open-air museum that give it a unique historic charm to all Rome Tours.