Spanish Steps

Our Rome Tours will take you through the beauties of the city until you reach the elegant Spanish Steps. The square, which owes its name to the palace of Spain Embassy of the Iberian state, is famous for its steps of Trinità dei Monti and the Fontana della Barcaccia.

The staircase was designed by two Italian Architects: Francesco de Sanctis and Alessandro Specchi. It is composed of three parts with different terraces considered parking areas, ramps 12 and 135 steps in the spring are decorated with colorful flowers making a very impressive sight.

The Fontana della Barcaccia (literally the Fountain of the Ugly Boat) is one of the most famous fountains in Rome, realized by Bernini in 1627 and is so called because it has the form of a sinking boat. Local legend has it that Bernini's design was inspired by a flood which left an old bood in the centre of the square after it receded.

An elegant street, one of the most beautiful streets of the city where you can go shopping in the elegant shops, departs from the centre of the city.

Our tour will allow you to learn about the most distinctive architectural elements, starting from the Spanish Steps of the Trinità dei Monti, which were commissioned during the Papacy of Pope Benedict XIII to link the Bourbon Spanish Embassy to the Church of Trinità dei Monti.

The Rome Tours is the best way to set out into one of the most elegant areas of Rome, giving your trip a sophisticated atmosphere. In May, the Spanish Steps are particularly beautiful thanks to the exhibition of azaleas. All along the staircase are made beautiful specimens of white and roses azaleas that make this corner of Rome even more elegant. 

Spanish Steps is a great example of Roman Baroque Style and is the symbol of one the most famous historical periods, that of La Dolce Vita, which inspired many films that have made the protagonist city.


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