Trevi Fountain

The Trevi's Fountain (Fontana di Trevi) is one of the most picturesque fountains to visit if you are on vacation in Rome.

It 's the most beautiful and famous attraction and for tourists the symbol of the city.

Nicola Salvi designed this fountain in the Baroque style in 1735, is placed on one side of Palazzo Poli and is the final part of one of the first Roman aqueducts.

The fountain is 26.30 m wide and 49.15 high is characterized by three very important architectural elements: the facade made with travertine; Carrara marble statues of which they are made and the cliff.

The Rome Tours will accompany you to discover this beautiful work of art that has in its center a majestic triumphal arch with a statue of Oceanus on a chariot pulled by horses and tritons.

The decoration also includes a statue that represents abundance, this artwork dedicated to health surrounded by unique decorative elements such as the thirty types of plants.

The Trevi’s Fountain was also used as a backdrop for films like La Dolce Vita by Fellini, the most famous scene is the one with Anita Ekberg in the fountain's basin.

In 2013, the Trevi Fountain has been recently restored thanks to the contribution of the fashion house Fendi. It 'been restored to its former splendor and cleaned illuminated with lights that enhance its beauty.

With one of our Rome Tours is possible to know the secrets of this great artwork and throw the traditional coin to wish you to return to Rome, a city to discover each time.