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Colosseum & Ancient Rome Tour

Unearth the City of the Caesars as we travel back through time.

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Why Choose it?

  • Journey through the iconic amphitheater symbolizing ancient Rome.
  • Explore the cradle of ancient Rome in the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill.
  • Experience all this and more in a small, intimate group and with a maximum of 10 guests.

Tour description

Relive the powerful past of the Roman Empire on a small-group tour (maximum 10 people) that walks you through its most enduring and iconic landmarks. Scratch under the surface of the Rome of the Popes to uncover the City of the Caesars. Then dive into the heart of the world's first global empire with a host of mad, bad, and dangerous-to-know emperors at the helm. 

Rome's influence can still be felt throughout the western world - in government, engineering, architecture, language, and literature. Your journey towards discovering it starts at the majestic Colosseum.

We start at the Colosseum - still standing after almost 2,000 years

As a symbol of power of the Roman Empire, the mighty amphitheatre is a must visit when in Rome. The Colosseum's endurance pays testament to the genius of Roman engineering. Within its walls were some of the most barbaric spectacles of antiquity, sanctioned by the state to keep the masses happy.

Your guide will bring the ancient arena back to life, recreating its spectacles, introducing you to its spectators, and letting you in on the secrets of how this amphitheater worked. After exploring the upper levels of the world's most famous stadium, you'll feel you've immersed yourself in the history of the powerful - and often merciless - Roman Empire. 

We then venture into the Roman Forum

The Roman Forum contains dozens of monuments, each with its own unique story. But only an expert guide can do the Roman Forum the justice it deserves. Among some of Rome's most ruined ruins lie some fascinating treasures. Treasures which offer up many clues into how Romans lived, loved, worshipped, and entertained. 

Among the Roman Forum's sites we'll pass by the Arch of Titus, which shows the treasures stolen from Jerusalem and used to fund building the Colosseum. We'll visit the Temple of Saturn, one of the city's oldest structures dating back to the 5th century BC. And we'll visit temples not to gods but to emperors and empresses who, having died, were declared gods: the temples of Vespasian, Antoninus Pius, and Faustina.

Saving the most spectacular sights until last, we climb the Palatine Hill

Historically, the Palatine Hill is Rome's most significant. Romulus founded Rome on the Palatine Hill (his ill-fated brother instead set up camp on the Aventine). It was always home to Rome's rich and famous. And over time it became the favoured place for the emperors to build their elaborate palaces. In fact, it is from "Palatine" that we get our word "palace".

The Palatine Hill is home to several sites that have recently reopened to the public, including the House of Augustus, House of Livia, and Nero's Domus TransitoriaWe don't visit these sites on our group tour, but we can arrange your guided visit on our Private Ancient Rome tour.


Skip-the-line priority entrance
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  • Colosseum
  • Arch of Constantine
  • Roman Forum
  • Palatine Hill
  • Capitoline Hill (view)

Wheelchair accessible:

Not for small group tours. Guests with limited mobility are encouraged to visit our private tour page.

meeting point:

In front of the metro station Colosseo, by the green souvenir kiosque.

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excellent guides

Our guides are fluent in English and have a contagious passion for the inspiring cultural heritage of our Italian cities. Experts in their fields, they will immerse you in the hidden histories and intriguing lives of history's great protagonists. So much to see, so easy to miss out: with the help of our guides, visit the most absorbing sites and uncover the stories that have changed the world. Don't miss this fascinating journey!

This tour is also available as a Private Tour!

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