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Venice's streets are awash with crowds; come join us off the beaten path.

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Why Choose it?

  • Explore the lagoon’s islands, taking to the lagoon in a private boat.
  • Stay off the tourist trail for an authentic feel of real Venice.
  • Customize the tour to your liking, seeing exactly what you want to see.

Tour description

Venice’s enchanting beauty is no secret, meaning its center is always filled with crowds. Our Hidden Venice itinerary takes you off the beaten path, giving you an authentic experience of this incredible city. Savor a sensory feast wandering Rialto Market next to the bridge that has given it its name. Explore the tradition of cicchetti - Venice’s very own tapas and a quintessential Venetian pastime. Visitors to Venice have a wealth of treasures to discover. And we know where they're buried. 

You can fully customize your Hidden Venice  tour or leave it to us to suggest the very best. Our expert local guide knows Venice's sites, walkways, and waterways like the back of her hand. So whether on dry land or by boat or gondola - or why not both! - you can rest safe in the knowledge you'll be exploring La Serenissima in expert company and, most importantly, at your leisure.

Explore Hidden Venice, away from the crowds

Venice's treasures lie beyond the main tourist attractions. They are instead subsumed beneath slowly sinking churches, dotted across the lagoon's dozens of islands, and around the twists and turns of Venice's waterways. Your guide will suggest what to see based on your interests.

Art-lovers might want to make a pilgrimage to the Church of San Giovanni Grisostomo to pay homage to the renaissance paintings of Bellini and Del Piombo. The intrepid explorers among you might want to pass by the house of Marco Polo - history's most famous Venetian - as you explore the Venetian canals for yourself.

The Church of San Zaccaria is a real highlight of Hidden Venice, not least for the sinking crypt subsumed within its structure. This aquatic house of mirrors is a true visual spectacle, containing eight of the by now somewhat soggy remains of Venice's early doges.

Embark on your Venetian adventure in a private boat

Wandering Venice's walkways is all well and good, but in the City of Canals the wetter, the better. From sleek modern speedboats to prestigious, historic gondolas, Venetian transport makes seafaring easy. As this is a Hidden Venice experience, however, we'll be heading out to explore the lagoon's lesser-known treasures.

You can visit the waterside church of San Michele in Isola, home to one of the Middle Ages' most extraordinary world maps. Created in the 15th century, what makes this particular cartographic achievement so remarkable is that the monk who made it never left Venice. Instead, he acquired his knowledge entirely from conversations with the many traveling merchants who passed through the city.

Discover Torcello: where Venice's history began

This largely abandoned island attracts surprisingly little attention from tourists - strange given it was here Venice's early population first settled in the 5th century. Now around only 30 people live on the island, but its wealth of architecture make them the world's most fortunate islanders. Visit the 7th century cathedral of Santa Maria dell'Assunta, the oldest structure on the lagoon, and pass over (or under) the Ponte del Diavolo (Devil's Bridge) - so-called because it was supposedly built in one night.

Ride in a gondola through the City of Canals

On this Hidden Venice tour we'll be avoiding the Grand Canal. Instead, we'll be exploring some of the center's more scenic canals, so you get to see Venice the right way: from sea level. Pass under the 17th-century Bridge of Sighs connecting the Doge's Palace with the Prigioni Nuove (New Prison) along the majestic Rio di Palazzo. Discover the atmospheric Jewish Ghetto as you take a gondola ride around Cannaregio. Even explore the areas around the Grand Canal, such as the famous Rialto Bridge. Tell us where you'd rather go and we'll do our best to make it happen.

Fully customize your Hidden Venice tour

Your Hidden Venice tour is fully customizable, so you get to see everything you want to during your time in La Serenissima. Contact us today to get started on your own Venetian adventure.


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Boat at dispoal or 30-minute Gondola Ride


  • Hidden Venice
  • Optional: Boat tour to explore the Venetian Lagoon
  • Optional: Gondola ride

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