Vatican mosaic school & St Peter's Basilica

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  • Typology: Private tour
  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Starting time: Limited availability gently granted by Mosaic School
  • Included: private guide; mosaic school;
  • Meeting Point: Hotel
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St Peter’s Basilica is an active religious centre and is influenced by liturgical ceremonies: Therefore sudden closure of the Basilica might happen with no notice. This will not affect the museums visit. No umbrellas or backpacks are allowed. Please cover shoulders and knees. Please cover your shoulders and knees. No big umbrellas or backpacks are allowed.


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Mosaic is an ancient expression of decorative art; the first mosaics date back to around 2500 BC. Ancient Greeks and Romans decorated homes and temples with colorful mosaics, gold being introduced in the Christian and Byzantine period. The triumphant mosaics of the modern age are those of St Peter’s Basilica. In fact, St Peter’s does not contain a single painting, there are over 28,000 mosaic pieces in different colours.

The Vatican School of Mosaic was established with the goal of decorating the interior of St Peter’s but still operates today.

This is a unique tour to an undiscovered area of the Vatican. Discover the artisanal techniques used by important mosaic artists. They not only create new work but look after the restoration of old mosaics.

After watching how Mosaics are made there is only one thing left to do. Head into St Peter’s with a new knowledge of mosaics to marvel at beauty and refinement of this ancient art.

St Peter’s basilica is an active religious centre and is strongly influenced by liturgical ceremonies and needs: we are therefore not responsible for any inconvenience resulting from sudden closure of the basilica.