Jewish Rome Tours

Rome has always been a lively centre attracting many different cultures from different parts of the world. The Jewish presence in Rome has been a very long one and is still visible and bustling today: our Jewish Rome Tours will offer you the opportunity to discover the Jewish Rome and to see the many monuments of ancient and Christian Rome from a different perspective. You will be led by our Jewish guide who will be very happy to share with you the history, the legends, the secrets and the stories of this ancient and rich culture.

The Jewish Rome Tours you will give the opportunity to explore the Jewish Ghetto with a private visit to its two Synagogues and the Museum; you will visit the Colosseum and the Roman Forum from a different perspective and even the Sistine Chapel, one of the pictorial symbols of Christianity will reveal many of the secrets connected to the Jewish mystical tradition. You can also choose to visit the Jewish catacombs at the so-called "Vigna Randanini" between the Appia Antica Way and Appia Pignatelli Way, a beautiful example of Jewish underground cemetery and worship centre, dating back to the 2nd and 3rd century AD.

Since we are in Italy and since food is so important to us the Jewish Rome Tours you will be given the chance to enjoy the wonderful traditional Jewish cuisine at some of the best local restaurants in the Ghetto.