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Puglia as Matera, spectacular land rich in smells, colors, flavors and poetry, bridge between the West and the East, is worth a visit

Puglia and Matera Tours

There are many reasons to visit Puglia, the easternmost part of the Italian boot, a spectacular land rich in smells, colors, flavors and poetry, a bridge between the West and the East. Running down the stretch of the Italian heel, this region remains undeservedly undiscovered. History, culture, heritage, gastronomy and spirituality but also the warmth and welcome of the people, make Puglia and Matera tours – with the family, alone or as a couple – the perfect immersive itinerary to experience the most authentic side of Southern Italy.

Puglia and Matera tours between nature, culture and tradition

Puglia is the ideal place to discover and taste many typical dishes of Italian gastronomy. Orecchiette with turnip tops, tiella of rice, potatoes and mussels, focaccia from Bari, ciceri and tria, stuffed aubergines, lampascioni omelette, Apulian bombette, fried panzerotti, braciole (meat rolls with sauce), cartellate, pasticciotti, they are all delicious traditional dishes to savor.

In addition to gastronomy, choosing to spend your holidays in Puglia means living an authentic and unique experience in the heart of Southern Italy. Take advantage of a trip to Italy to discover its rich cultural heritage, its monuments architecture, the natural beauty of its landscapes and coasts and its unmissable places. Among other things, you can admire the many hectares of local vineyards, which give wines that compete with the most famous ones of other Italian regions.

Puglia may seem more like a Greek island than an Italian region because of the atmosphere it offers and its authentic, slow and steady southern pace of life.

The city of Bari, head of the region, is the ideal starting point for visiting Puglia. The charm of the historic center, Bari Vecchia, lies in its numerous monuments wonderfully represented by the Basilica of San Nicola and the Norman-Swabian Castle.

Uncover the undiscovered treasures of the Italian heel

Among the many wonders to visit we cannot fail to mention the most famous treasures of the Italian heel:

  • Polignano al Mare, the Pearl of the Adriatic: an important stop in the wonderful Puglia is the stunning seaside town of Polignano a Mare, also known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”. Polignano is a charming village perched directly on the Adriatic Sea and the birthplace of the great Domenico Modugno, the one who made the song “Nel blu dipinto di Blu”, better known as Volare, famous all over the world. Here, you will visit its historic center full of Arab, Byzantine, Spanish and Norman testimonies including the remains of the four defensive towers of the ancient village. When you will look out from its stone bastions at the sky blending into the blue Adriatic, you can admire the inspiration that Modugno had for his song.

  • Alberobello, the City of Trulli: no Apulian itinerary would be complete without a visit to the “City of Trulli” – the typical houses with cone-shaped roofs built with whitewashed limestone. Alberobello is the most famous town in the Murgia which, with its 1500 trulli, has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. With your local guide, you will explore one of the most picturesque cities in Southern Italy, visiting its unique houses, churches and attractions.

  • Ostuni, the White City: affectionately known as the White City due its typical whitewashed houses that make this place unmistakable and unique of its kind, Ostuni deserves to be discovered – both for its atmosphere and for its food specialties. It is perched on three panoramic hills and blessed with sweeping coastal vistas of olive groves running down to the sea. Impossible not to visit the fifteenth-century Gothic-Romanesque Cathedral in the historic center of the city.

“Salento: lu sule, lu mare, lu ientu”, but Salento is this and much more

This extreme strip of land in Southern Puglia is a subregion between the Ionian Sea to the West and the Adriatic Sea to the East. Figuratively it constitutes the heel of the Italian boot.

  • Lecce, the “Florence of the South”: this city, located in the Salento peninsula, is made up of ancient buildings built with Lecce stone – limestone very easy to carve and which makes it famous all over the world. Lecce is known for its historic medieval center, among the alleys lined with museums, palaces and shops of local artisans, its majestic Baroque churches, its gastronomy and its beaches which are among the most beautiful coasts in Italy.

  • Otranto, Italy’s Southernmost Gem: the beautiful town of Otranto is one of the main seaside resorts of Puglia. In addition to the magnificent beaches, the marina and the fishing port are important points of interest. In this stunning UNESCO-listed city, the highlight is the 11th-century cathedral with its stunning array of mosaics. Furthermore, being equipped with modern facilities and infrastructure it offers many recreational and sporting activities for travelers and vacationers.

  • Gallipoli, the City of Entertainment and Nightlife in Salento: located on the Gulf of Taranto, Gallipoli is an unmissable stop on a Puglia tour. Its historic center, set on an island connected to the mainland by a bridge, is a place of interest in its own right. This part of the city has preserved the soul of an ancient port city with its fortified Aragonese Castle, its Greek fountain, its Baroque churches and its palaces. Instead, on the other side of the bridge, the modern city, the Borgo, houses contemporary buildings such as the Glass Palace.

Matera, the City of Sassi (stones)

Matera is the symbol city of Lucania which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and in 2019 has been named European Capital of Culture. It is considered one of the oldest cities in the world, in effect, its territory preserves incredible testimonies of ancient times, with rock settlements dating back from the Paleolithic to the present day.

A place to visit is the typically furnished Casa Grotta, a great way to understand the habits and customs of the inhabitants of this extraordinary place. Furthermore, you can immerse yourself in the streets of the two oldest districts of the city, visit the rock churches and have a tasting of local products.

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