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Since its foundation, Rome has been a cultural melting pot. From the time of its first king Romulus in the 8th century BC, Rome drew many different ethnicities from all across the Mediterranean. It wasn’t until the the late Republic, around 150 BC, that we hear of any Jewish communities in Rome. But from this time onwards Jews were prominent in the city, weaved into Rome’s fabric.

Our Jewish Rome Tours let you discover their legacy. We’ll visit the many monuments of pagan, Jewish, and Christian Rome, viewing them through an entirely new lens to see things few visitors ever get to see.

Leading all your Jewish Rome Tours are our expert Jewish guides. As important figures in Rome’s Jewish community, they are both well positioned and passionate about sharing with you the history, the legends, the secrets and the stories of this fascinating ancient culture. Explore the Jewish Ghetto through our Jewish Rome Tours, making a private visit to its two synagogues and museum. Wander its cobbled streets and winding alleys. Witness where ancient monuments blend into medieval palazzi.

Visit the Colosseum, a global icon built from the spoils of the sack of Jerusalem. See the inscription naming the emperor Vespasian whose son, Titus, led the Roman forces in Judaea. Pass by the Arch of Titus, which depicts the looting of Jerusalem’s Temple, and enter the Roman Forum, where Romans of all creeds mixed from the early Republic to the sack of Rome.

Venture through the Vatican to see the Sistine Chapel through a new lens. This marvel of western art Christianity reveals many secrets connected to the Jewish mystical tradition. You can also choose to visit the Jewish catacombs at the so-called “Vigna Randanini” between the Appian Way and Via Appia Pignatelli. This stunning example of a Jewish underground cemetery and worship centre dates back to the 2nd and 3rd century AD and stores many secrets.

Food is a vital part of Italian culture. So our Jewish Rome Tours also include food experiences. Sample some wonderful traditional Jewish cuisine, like carciofi alla giudia, at the most authentic restaurants in the Ghetto. Or join us at our cooking school where we’ll learn to make La Cucina Ebraica Romana – traditional Roman-Jewish cuisine. Then cross from the Ghetto to the other side of the river, passing Tiber Island, to explore the medieval neighborhood of Trastevere and all its wonders.

Our Jewish Rome Tours are the perfect way to discover an unexplored side of Rome. We look forward to welcoming you on them soon.

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