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Admire the Saint Peter's Basilica and the Vatican Museums in a new light

Explore the Vatican and its vast ancient collection from a Jewish perspective most visitors in the Eternal City completely overlook

Vatican Jewish Tours

The Vatican is a must-see destination, the epicenter of Catholicism, the beating heart of the entire Christian world. However, beyond its Christian facade there is a side in which the oldest of the Judaic traditions takes center stage. Walks Inside Rome, through its immersive Jewish Vatican tours, takes you to discover the Vatican and its vast ancient collection from a Jewish perspective most visitors in the Eternal City completely overlook. From the Jewish imagery of the Sistine Chapel to the Jewish artifacts of the Vatican Museums and Saint Peter’s Basilica, through a new lens you will fully explore treasures, images and symbols of the Judaic culture. The complexity of themes and symbology make this tour a special learning experience for kids too.

Enter the most visited museums in the world and discover their Jewish secrets

Once you are in Rome you can not fail to visit the Vatican City, but not only as the centre of the Christian religion. Every day, for visitors from all over the world, the attraction can be both religious and cultural. Museums and galleries house world-famous art collections – with finds from the Egyptian era to the late Renaissance, up to contemporary art –  the gardens are wonderful oases of calm, the architecture is breathtaking, and of course, there is St. Peter’s Basilica to explore in all its magnificence.

However, this marvel of western art reveals many secrets connected also to the Jewish mystical tradition. So, let an expert guide take you to discover the most visited museums in the world in search of Jewish secrets and elements. Explore sculptures, the Picture Gallery, the marble-coated Gallery of the Candelabra, the burnished gold Gallery of Maps, and the intricately detailed Gallery of Tapestries, seeking out the subtle Jewish symbolism hidden away in each.

Saint Peter’s Basilica magnificent artworks through a Jewish perspective

Visit Saint Peter’s Basilica looking at Michelangelo’s Pietà and Bernini’s Baldachin and other magnificent works of art with new eyes.

Enter the Sistine Chapel and admire the frescoes on the vault, Michelangelo’s Renaissance masterpiece. You will discover the hidden Jewish influences in the artist and how thoroughly he studied the Talmud, the Tora and the Kabbalah. In fact, Michelangelo disseminated the ceiling and the Last Judgment of complex symbology and messages related to Jewish Kabbalah mysticism. The decorative scenes had been placed with a precise semantic correspondence, in order to emphasize the continuity between the Old and the New Testament.

Usually, the treasures of the Vatican Museums are open to the public, but there are areas that only a few people can visit accompanied by tourist guides. Then, if possible, visit the Jewish Lapidary to see a unique collection showcasing some of the most interesting inscriptions about the social, religious, and cultural lives of the ancient Rome’s Jewish community between the third and fourth centuries AD which was discovered during the Jewish catacombs excavation.

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