About Rome

The Historical Buildings in Rome

Rome is home to countless ancient quarters that were built over the course of history and survived through different artistic periods. The mansions are now functioning as main offices of major museums companies, institutions, and the locations of large and prestigious hotels.

Palazzo Chigi
This palazzo is located between Via del Corso and Piazza Colonna and is the official building of the Italian government. Created in 1578 by Albobrandini family, it was purchased by the state in 1916. Its most beautiful feature, in addition to the facade, is the main entrance leading to the courtyard and to the grand staircase, the Palace. Built by Felice della Greca, it consists of beautiful, finely decorated rooms.

Palazzo Barberini
This seventeenth century palace is an example of Baroque built by Carlo Maderno and Borromini. The decorations of some interior rooms are to Cortona work who frescoed the great Salane the main floor. Today, it is the location of the national gallery of ancient art and Italian Institute of Numismatics.

Palazzo Venezia
Venezia Palace is the location of the National Museum. This fifteenth century palace is one of Rome's pre-civil buildings. It was the first Austrian Embassy, but is now being used by Mussolini. Today, you can visit inside the archaeological library and art history where you can see beautiful sculptures in terracotta of Bernini.

Palazzo Colonna
This palazzo belongs to the Colonna family. It displays the perfect baroque style, which keeps the rooms of a traditional Roman villa. Inside, you can find a traditional Roman villa and a beautiful gallery filled with frescoes by Giovanni Coli and Filippo Gherardi.