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Catacombs & the Appian Way Tour

Venture down the Appian Way and explore one of the catacombs beneath it.

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Why Choose it?

  • Escape Rome’s bustling center for a calming countryside retreat.
  • Marvel at the monuments and tombs lining this ancient road.
  • Descend into a catacomb’s depths to explore underground Rome.

Tour description

Our Catacombs and Appian Way Tour takes you on a journey down the Via Appia Antica, the oldest and most legendary road leading to Rome. Driving down it is a sensory treat. Surrounded by millennia-old monuments and folding green fields, the Appian Way is perhaps the only place in Rome where time has stood still for over 2,000 years.

The Appian Way has a rich legacy of ancient Roman history. Because burials were forbidden within the city walls, the deceased were brought here to be laid to eternal rest. Modest inscriptions stand side by side with towering burial structures. Running alongside the road are several catacombs, each of which houses thousands of ancient remains.

Pass by the Circus of Maxentius and Mausoleum of Romulus

This enormous imperial palace stood safely  outside the city. It was the home of the emperor Maxentius, rival (and ultimate victim) of the emperor Constantine. One of the best preserved structures in Rome, the site also contains the Mausoleum of Romulus, Maxentius’ son, who died tragically young by drowning in the Tiber.

Journey down the Appian Way

This beautiful country road is lined with pine trees, large green pastures, ancient monuments. Traveling down it you can easily forget how close you are to Rome’s center. But although you’re surrounded by life, don’t forget about the miles of catacombs beneath you. For the last part of the tour, we’ll be visiting one of these.

Descend into the depths of one of the Appian Way Catacombs

Burials along the Appian Way date back to the earliest days of Rome. But the most atmospheric and worthwhile Catacombs were early Christian cemeteries. You’ll be visiting one of these, exploring their darkened corridors with your expert guide. The bodies are long gone, but the catacombs make for a fascinating visit, helping us understand the importance of Christianity in ancient Rome. Some are heavily decorated while others are plain, an indication of the hierarchy of the catacombs.

Fortunately, the catacombs are always a hit with children. There’s something about their macabre purpose and the spookiness of these underground tunnels that holds a particular allure for children.

Enjoy an optional visit to the Baths of Caracalla

Just between the Appian Way and the Circus Maximus stands one of Rome’s most monumental baths. They were built by the tyrannical emperor Caracalla. On this private tour you have the option of exploring them with your guide.

For your Catacombs and Appian Way Tour, we’ll organize a private driver. Sitting back and relaxing as you take in the stunning scenery is an experience that will never leave you.


Licensed tour guide.
Car and driver at your disposal.


  • Old Appian Way
  • One Catacomb
  • Baths of Caracalla (optional)

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