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Colosseum by Night Tour with Underground | Small Group

Admire the splendour of ancient Rome in the still serenity of the night.

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79 €

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Why Choose it?

  • Encounter the Eternal City's ancient wonders at night, without the crowds.
  • Explore beneath the amphitheater floor of the Colosseum Underground.
  • Energize yourself beforehand with our optional pizza making class.

Tour description

*Please note that due to recently introduced legislation children aged 6 and under are unable to participate in the Colosseum by Night Tour. Those with children over 6 are required to provide an identity document confirming their age.

Enjoy an intimate night visit of the Colosseum with VIP direct access to the Colosseum Underground. Explore the Colosseum without any queues or crowds for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Stand below the arena floor as you look up at the world's most famous amphitheater surrounding you. Envision the events that took place on the arena floor, where gladiators once fought to the death in pursuit of freedom and glory. Then descend with your group of like-minded adventurers into the Colosseum Underground to discover the secrets and mechanisms below the stage floor.

Your guide will meet you in Largo di Torre Argentina where you will embark on a journey through the history of Rome. Away from the daytime tourism hustle and bustle, this night tour is the best way to explore the Eternal City. Under a star-studded sky, your expert guide will enliven your evening, bringing to life the sights you see with vivid accounts of their histories and secrets.

We start at Pompey's Theatre in the Largo di Torre Argentina

Often overlooked by tourists, this temple complex in the middle of Rome's center was the site of one of history's most infamous events. For it was among one of the rooms attached to the Theater of Pompey that Julius Caesar, the Roman Republic's most notorious dictator, was assassinated on the Ides of March, 44 BC.

Then make the short journey to the Capitoline Hill

The Capitoline Hill is among the most famous of the Seven Hills of Rome. Once home to the ancient Temple of the Capitoline Triad, which now lies buried into the rock, it has since taken on another purpose. Its Palazzo Senatorio, designed by Michelangelo, lies at the heart of Roman politics, flanked by the famous Capitoline Museums and their unparalleled ancient collections.

Pause to take in the night view of the Roman Forum

The Capitoline Hill affords Rome's best view of the Roman Forum. This vast meeting space in the valley between the Palatine and the Capitoline was truly the pulsating political and economic heart of ancient Rome. Exploring it thoroughly on our Ancient Rome Tour is a must for any visitor to Rome. After soaking in its sights we'll move on to the adjacent forums, which sprung up around the time of Caesar because the Roman Forum had become too full.

Journey past the Imperial Forums to the Colosseum

Running along the Via dei Fori Imperiali are a number of other public spaces built by successive Roman emperors. We'll marvel at the incredible Trajan's Column, a triumphal monument illustrating the emperor's victorious campaigns against the Dacians, and Trajan's Market - the world's first shopping mall. Our night walk will take us past the imposing Temple of Mars the Avenger in the Forum of Augustus, dedicated after Augustus had avenged the murder of his father - Julius Caesar.

Our adventure concludes at the Roman Colosseum

Your exclusive VIP access grants you direct access to the Colosseum Arena where your guide will bring the bloody stories of its combatants to life. Then we descend into the darkness of the Colosseum Underground to learn more about engineering ingenuity and mechanisms of this majestic arena. It was on the sands above where you stand that gladiators and beasts fought desperately for their lives, to the cacophony of baying crowds and the entertainment of the masses. Take in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the Colosseum in the dead of night, where the ghosts of its fallen can be more easily felt.

**** Optional Pizza Making Class ****

If you'd like to add the Pizza Class, just write Pizza Please in the message section on the next page. 

Why not to have dinner before starting the Colosseum Underground tour by making your own pizza and indulging on it in a stunning 17th-century palace? For a small additional fee of 50€ per person, you will learn how to make pizza and enjoy eating it in a sit-down dinner before the tour. 

Our pizzaiolo (master pizza chef) will teach you all the tricks of the trade to make your own scrumptious Roman pizza. If you have a pizza craving and prefer to start the tour with a full belly, why not joining us to learn how to prepare a perfect Roman pizza? 

Your pizza class takes place in a state-of-the-art professional designer kitchen located right in the middle of Rome's historic center. Here, you’ll learn the hands-on, from-scratch method for making the perfect pizza dough.

Stretch out the dough, pick your own toppings from an array of seasonal ingredients, pop your pizza in the oven, and indulge in the smells of slowly baked dough! When your pizza is ready, time to take it out, sit down and tuck in. Finishing it off, naturally, with a complimentary Italian dessert.

Places for this exclusive tour and class combination are limited and sell out quickly. So book as soon as possible to give yourself this unique, once-in-a-lifetime Roman culinary and cultural experience.


English-speaking guide
Entrance tickets and reservations


  • Largo Argentina
  • Capitoline Hill
  • Roman Forum (View)
  • Imperial Forums
  • Colosseum with VIP Underground access and arena floor

Wheelchair accessible:

Not for small group tours. Guests with limited mobility are encouraged to visit our private tour page.

meeting point:

Largo di Torre Argentina (between Rosso Pomodoro Pizzeria and Teatro Argentina -

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