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Tivoli, Villa d'Este & Villa Adriana

Where 16th-century engineering and enduring ancient architecture blend to create a beautiful countryside town.

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Why Choose it?

  • Marvel at the remarkable innovation of Villa D'Este and its fountains.
  • Explore the expansive ruins of the emperor Hadrian's estate at Villa Adriana.
  • Soak in the landscape of Rome's rolling hills with a private driver.

Tour description

Visit the culmination of natural beauty, ancient architecture, and 16th-century ingenuity only found in Tivoli. Escape the hustle of the city and head through the rolling hills of the Roman countryside. Fresh air, tall trees, and sprawling wildife greets you as you ride down the curving mountain streets. The hillside town of Tivoli greets you with steep hills and overlooks into the expansive valleys ahead. Here, you'll find the 16th-century Villa d'Este tucked inside this manageably small town.

Just outside of Tivoli lies the ruins of emperor Hadrian's estate, Villa Adriana. The vast estate is beautifully overgrown and preserved. What Tivoli lacks in size it makes up for in allure and is well worth a short day trip to explore its offerings.

Sixteenth-century engineering meets natural beauty at Villa d'Este

From the outside Villa d'Este looks like any other small medieval castle, but this wouldn't be the first time the phrase "it's what's on the inside that counts" comes to mind. Tucked around a corner in the center of Tivoli lies Villa d'Este. Once your guide leads you through the admittedly long entrance, a world of wonder and baffling beauty unfolds before your eyes. Tiers of lush foliage and tumbling waters fill the center of this town and villa with awe-inspiring beauty.

While the gardens of Villa d’Este are a beauty in and of themselves, the true wonder is the fountains. The blend of artistry and engineering that manifests itself in these 16th-century hydraulic fountains is truly a sight to behold. The villa even opens itself for evening viewers during the summer months, allowing spectators to view the spectacular gardens and fountains in the warmth of twilight or moonlight.

Explore the astoundingly vast estate of the emperor Hadrian (optional)

The sprawling 300-acre ruins of Villa Adriana are lined with groves of olive trees and sprightly ponds. statue-lined fountains between the ruins. Architecture that has stood the test of time is brought to life with statues of Antonious, Hadrian's deified lover who died tragically in the Nile, and posed crocodiles lining long pools surrounded by eroded columns. The natural-yet-vivacious quality of these ruins somewhat mirrors the quality of the villa during the 2nd century AD when it was sprawling with people: workers, shops, students, teachers--a small countryside city.

Villa Adriana becomes an interactive historical park with your informative guide leading you through each section of this impressively expansive estate: the foundation of the old hospital, the arches of Hadrian's baths, the aforementioned ponds, and the overlooks into the valley below. Experience what life was like for emperor Hadrian, his lover Antonious, and the commonfolk who lived and worked here first-hand. Add this option villa into your visit to Tivoli for a full Roman countryside experience.

Transportation back to Rome is included when you're ready to leave, and we are more than happy to suggest a local restaurant or bar for your dinner and drinks in Tivoli. Come with us to explore Roman life outside of Rome.


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  • Tivoli
  • Villa D'Este
  • Hadrian's Villa (Optional)

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