Rome for Kids & Families

Only the vibrant atmosphere of Rome can provide that perfect something to create unique experiences and generate lasting memories for each member of your family. In our Rome for kids tours, our guides actively engage your kids by providing information in a fun way to spark their imagination and take them on an intellectual adventure they will never forget.

With Walks Inside Rome, the exciting opportunities are endless. In customizing your experience, visit to the oldest castle in Rome, indulge in a yummy gelato tasting, or even learn how to make your very own authentic Italian pizza and gelato. Take your children to visit the Vatican for the first time to admire Michelangelo’s ceiling or bring them to the Colosseum with a special visit to the Underground tunnels and arena where lions and gladiators fought for their lives.


Monuments Talk

A fascinating and fun walk through Rome's city centre which allows kids to encounter the work of famous artists and stunning monuments!


Gladiator School

Meet the Gladiators of Ancient Rome in the Gladiator School. Spend a day in a Roman Gladiators School for both young and old. This tour can be combine ...