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Only the vibrant atmosphere of Rome can provide that perfect something to create unique experiences and generate lasting memories for each member of your family. In our Rome for kids tours, our guides actively engage your kids by providing information in a fun way to spark their imagination and take them on an educational adventure they will never forget.

With Walks Inside Rome, the exciting opportunities are endless. All our private tours are customizable, meaning you can add and combine whatever you want to your experience. Indulgent gelato stops? The excitement of traveling around Rome in your own private gold cart? Visits to the Vatican or Colosseum followed by cooking classes where you’ll learn to make your own scrumptious gelato and crispy Roman pizza? Whatever you want, Walks Inside Rome will make it happen.

Visit Castel Sant’Angelo, an ancient mausoleum turned papal fortress, and explore its secret passageway with an enthusiastic expert guide. Take your children on a kid-friendly tour of the Vatican, where they can come face-to-face with the Popemobile, grisly Egyptian mummies, and Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel. Your private, kid-friendly guide will bring its characters to life for them and leave memories of the visit that will serve them forever.

Experience our treasure hunt at the Vatican, an itinerary that engages your kids while you get to explore the Sistine Chapel, Saint Peter’s Basilica and the many highlights of the Vatican Museums. Let them loose on the city with our Raiders of Rome tour and watch the budding Indiana Jones flourish in your little ones as they gleefully explore Rome’s most enchanting monuments.

Let them fall in love with history we transport you back through time in the Colosseum. Not only will we learn all about the mighty monument, which has since become the symbol of the Roman Empire, but we’ll also explore the Colosseum Underground and wander the dark tunnels where gladiators, wild beasts, and mind-blowing stage props ascended to the light of the arena above by means of specially-constructed lifts and trap-doors. Then recreate the scenes of the arena by visiting Rome’s excellent Gladiator School.

When it Rome, do as many famous Romans did by unleashing your creative genius. Keep your little ones glued to the arts and crafts by taking our mosaic and art workshop. Go beyond meeting the Great Masters of the Renaissance and Baroque to actively following in their brushstrokes. Our Young Masters in the Making experience teaches your kids the secrets of Italian painting. Who knows what kind of passion it might kindle in them? Your future world-famous artists might even be taking you on vacation in a few years!

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