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Suggestions for visiting Rome with the family

Rome kids and families tours: Rome has some of the most popular and amazing tourist attractions to visit, choose the right local travel agency to fully enjoy it

Rome Kids and Families Tours

Rome, the capital of Italy, has some of the most popular and amazing tourist attractions to visit. To create unique experiences and generate lasting memories for each member of your family, with Walks Inside Rome the exciting opportunities are endless. In our Rome kids and families tours, our guides actively engage your kids by providing information in a fun way to spark their imagination and take them on an educational adventure they will never forget.

Rome, a true open-air museum

Rome with the family is a wonderful journey through time. Let your kids discover its emblematic monuments and most visited by tourists: Colosseum, Imperial Forums, Vatican and many unmissable places that make you enter the history of the Eternal City.

The best way to appreciate every alley and site of this wonderful city is to make choices and find tips to avoid queues. When in Rome, to experience it better, do as many famous Romans did by unleashing your creative genius.

Rome is a very big city, where you will walk a lot and wait. So, carefully select the monuments and places you want to see and above all buy skip-the-line tickets so as not to waste time unnecessarily in queuing.

Tours accessible with the family

It is not always easy to approach archaeological sites with children. In Rome, educational visits are a joy for them and their parents. Choose the right local travel agency to fully enjoy one of the most beautiful city in the world.

Let’s see how to get closer to ancient Rome and its legends as a family

  • The Colosseum and the Roman Forum: it is impossible to miss this visit! Emblematic monument of the capital, the largest stone amphitheater of Roman civilization requires a long half day, complete with walking, to be taken into consideration if you are traveling with children. Start visiting the Colosseum and Roman Forum early in the morning so that the less affluent Palatine Hill can be run across if the children are fed up. Our guides will transport you back through time. Let your kids fall in love with history. Not only will they learn all about the mighty monument, which has since become the symbol of the Roman Empire, but they will also explore the Colosseum Underground and wander the dark tunnels where gladiators, wild beasts, and mind-blowing stage props ascended to the light of the arena above by means of specially-constructed lifts and trap-doors. Then recreate the scenes of the arena by visiting Rome’s excellent Gladiator School and its shows.

  • St. Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museums: take your children on a kid-friendly tour of the Vatican, where they can come face-to-face with the Popemobile, grisly Egyptian mummies, Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel. You can also discover in the Vatican Museums the most important collection of Roman art and one of the most important collections of ancient sculptures in the world including the Apollo Belvedere and the impressive group of Laocoon with his son. Let them explore the largest and most prestigious church in Christianity, as well as one of the most visited monuments in the world along with the Colosseum.

  • Experience a hands-on cooking class with your kids: learn an Italian treasured recipe you can recreate for family and friends such as fresh pasta, pizza, ice cream and Tiramisu. Create unique flavors made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients. You will have the amazing opportunity to customize each dish at your liking. Perfect for kids, this shared cooking class is all about living La Dolce Vita in a fun-filled setting.

Family-friendly tours with Walks Inside Rome

Walks Inside Rome is a travel agency located in Rome which for more than 20 years has been specializing in immersive, authentic, and educational guided tours and excursions for all kind of tourists: singles, couples and families.

Explore Rome and the best Italy’s destinations your own way through customized tours led by our English-speaking expert guides. Spark your kids’ imagination and take them on incredible journeys of discovery with our family-friendly tours. Whatever you want, Walks Inside Rome will make it happen!

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